Italy has invaded, we’re all doomed to continual eating! | Gourmand and Gourmet

Italy has invaded, we’re all doomed to continual eating!

Family; the most important thing in a person’s life, they’re always there for you through the best and worst of times. But I would have to say that on the same level as family and something else that has been there for me through it all is food… good food to be exact! And the Italians sure know how to cook up a feast for the whole family, whether it’s dine in or takeaway. Italian kitchen Il Locale has opened in Rosalie and boy, do they have a banquet prepared for you! Pasta eater, pizza muncher, meat chewer; it doesn’t matter because Il Locale has you sorted for a trip through rustic Italy, home to some of the best food on the planet (in my opinion). The woodfired oven out the back is the basis of the hearty meals, slowly cooking the pizzas with a custom-built fridge near the front, full of Piedmont cheeses and San Daniele prosciutto, and excuse me… I seem to be drooling all over myself, give me a moment… right, as I was saying! Wash everything down with some wine straight from the vineyards of Italy or a cup of Lavazza’s new Gran Riserva blend. I would keep going on and on about the food but I seem to be drowning in my saliva, so I’ll just say this: comfort food doesn’t come better than this! Hannah Twiggs Ilocale2Ilocale3