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In the Jungle Bar, the mighty Jungle Bar

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You’re in West End; the heat is beating down on you and sweat trickles from your forehead to your chin, creating a winding river down your face. You can’t feel your cracked lips or dry tongue and you sweat so much, you’re scared you’ll drown in your own perspiration. Death is imminent. This is it, you’re going to melt away in the heart of Brisbane and there’s nothing you can do… and then you see it. It’s what you’ve been searching for all this time.

Jungle, West End’s new Tiki bar… our salvation, you’re saved! With its cosy location on Vulture Street and endless supply of rum and cocktails, what’s not to like? Whether you like Pina Coladas or getting caught in the rain, the drinks menu will spice up your taste buds with Ginger Beer infused with lemongrass, Coconut Mojitos and Mai Thais. It’s a getaway unlike any other, I mean where else can you go that supplies endless concoctions of beverages in the cool interior of a tiki hut? Dust off the hula skirt and ukulele, this tropical paradise is for the adventurous drinker who can fight Brisbane’s heat to reach Jungle. You’ll never want to leave your bamboo stool once sipping on a pineapple full of tasty blended drinks with a little cocktail umbrella on top. Follow them on Facebook.