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Il Verde teaches us how to make the perfect panna cotta!

This one’s a jiggly crowd pleaser.

The King Street precinct is bustling with lively eateries and retailers, and its resident Italian stallion Il Verde is known for its modern menu, full of fresh Italian flavours. 

The team at Il Verde has done us a solid, giving us the recipe to their iconic panna cotta so we can have a little taste of their fare from the comfort of our homes! 

Head chef Catalin told us that this is the most popular dessert at Il Verde, not only because of its fun wobble, but also because of its simplicity and freshness. 

“As we know, Italian cuisine is based on simple flavours and the highest quality of ingredients. Panna cotta means simply ‘cooked cream’ in English, but the secret to this dessert is the versatile accompaniments which it can be paired with. At Il Verde, we have rotating flavours, with the most popular always being fresh fruity flavours, such as passionfruit.”





500ml cream

80g sugar

1 vanilla pod

8g (2-3 sheets) gelatine


  1. Soak the gelatine in cold water.
  2. Heat the cream in a pot until it reaches 60-70 degrees.
  3. Add vanilla and sugar and mix well until the sugar has completely dissolved. 
  4. Pick up the soaked gelatine sheets and carefully squeeze excess water from them, before adding to the panna cotta mixture.
  5. Mix until the gelatine is fully melted, and pour into moulds (or small bowls or jars).
  6. Let the panna cotta sit in the fridge until solid—approximately eight hours.

After the panna cotta has set in the fridge, flip them carefully onto a plate or serve straight from the jar or bowl with your choice of accompaniments! We like passionfruit or mixed berries, coulis, melted chocolate or salted caramel. 

Buon appetito!