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Il Molo

Italian food – it’s warm, it’s hearty and you wouldn’t mind having a nonna cooking around the clock because she wants you to eat as much as is humanly possible. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case for a lot of us. Luckily, we are graced with Italian eateries to satisfy our carb-loaded cravings. If you cannoli visit one Italian restaurant this week, make it Il Molo – Bulimba’s newest go-to dining destination for authentic Italian cuisine with a modern twist. Replacing The Jetty, Il Molo (which is the literal translation of ‘The Jetty’ in Italian) is all about atmosphere and wholesome and sincere Italian flavours. From bambinos to adultos, Il Molo has the most satisfying breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Picture yourself sitting waterside with a glass of vino and pappardelle pasta with a pork shoulder ragu, lamb shanks with parmesan polenta and green tapenade, or the signature Il Molo pizza with porcini mushroom, tomato, mozzarella, speck and truffle cream. Sounds like a (meat)ball, doesn’t it? Gather olive your mates and organise a suitable thyme to check out Bulimba’s newest favourite. Words by Nicole Portacha