Il Gancio is back with a new fresh pasta menu! | The Gourmand & Gourmet

Il Gancio is back with a new fresh pasta menu!

The shopping and dining one-two is back at Toombul!

Time to get out of the house and into a restaurant to eat off actual plates that you don’t have to wash! Packed with foodie favourites like Hello Harry, Little Red Dumpling, and (of course) Il Gancio, the UPSTAIRS at Toombul dining precinct is officially back up and running for dine-in, and we’re finding any excuse possible to swing by for fresh pasta, spritzes, and crispy calamari!

While they briefly closed to keep everyone safe, Il Gancio was working on a brand new menu that focuses on their now house-made pasta and gnocchi with a range of fresh and authentic sauces that would make the pickiest of nonnas happy.

We’re talking seafood paccheri (large tube pasta) with house-made Napoli sauce, wild-caught prawns, baby calamari, New Zealand shelled mussels, and scallops or their vibrant spinach pappardelle with house-made Italian sausage, creamy taleggio sauce and crispy pancetta.

Of course, the classic pizzas, antipasti like scallops with pancetta, and desserts including cannoli and tiramisu are still on offer too, for takeaway and dining in!

In addition to their a la carte offerings UPSTAIRS, Il Gancio is also running a retail pop-up in the main part of Toombul, selling their house-made fresh pasta in a variety of shapes, colours and flavours that are egg-free, naturally coloured, and free from additives and preservatives! Grab a jar of house-made sauce to accompany (and maybe some smoked cheese, too), and that’s dinner at home sorted.

While it’s going to be a struggle to get out of the pyjamas and back into the world, pasta and a spritz make everything a bit easier!