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I scream, you scream, we all go get Lick! Ice Cream!

Ever had a craving for one of those iconic Ekka strawberry sundaes and then realised it’s only September? Well it’s time to get berry excited, because now you can get 18 other mouth-watering flavours of ice cream from the creators of the annual sweet treat whenever you feel like it! Lick! Ice Cream are opening their flagship store in Graceville on Wednesday, November 4. I scream, you scream and then we all go and get Lick! Ice Cream cones! Three scoops please! Clear your dessert calendar (we know you have one) for the next few weeks because you’re about to have 18 delicious flavours of ice cream to lick your way through. While you won’t be able to get that infamous strawberry, plenty more of Lick!’s classic flavours will be permanently on the menu, including nutty macadamia praline, sweet condensed milk, crunchy Oreo cookie, and boozy rum and raisin. It’s almost raisin enough to make us want to move to Graceville! Gluten and dairy free sorbets will make sure no one misses out on a scoop of happiness. It’s not just ice cream you’ll be screaming for though, with an epic line up of desserts on offer that will make you melt. We could waffle on for hours about the Doffle, a hot, cinnamon sugared doughnut/waffle hybrid smothered in ice cream and salted butterscotch sauce, but with a sweltering summer on the way, you might be more interested in the specialty ice cream sandwiches. Assembled to order with your choice of ice cream sandwiched between two freshly baked shortbread cookies and dipped in chocolate, it’s a dairy-lighful afternoon treat. Or brunch. No judgement. lick ice cream 2The dream team behind the inevitable salted peanut ice cream sauce smears you’re going to have on your face this summer are Grant and Carina, a brother and sister duo who have been creating delicious and often quirky flavoured ice creams and sorbets for over 10 years. Solely a wholesale business up until now, they’ve been dreaming about a store dedicated to their natural, locally made ice cream for years, and now it’s finally a reality. The store will have a cosy space to sit down and eat your treats before they melt or you can take an entire tub home and scoff it in privacy. Head to the new store on their opening weekend of November 7 and 8 and you’ll get double the indulgence, with 2-4-1 scoops all weekend (or 4-4-2 if you’re as mad for ice cream as us)! You’ll find them at 3/321 Honour Avenue in Graceville. Words by Moira Kennedy