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I need a dollar, dollar, dollar is what I need

Who would know that $2 is all it takes to make a difference, an impact on society? For some, $2 would mean a cheese burger on the loose change menu at McDonald’s or possibly some fries, but for others, it means a whole lot more. DineSmart is an organisation that has been running for 10 years throughout Australia, recruiting restaurants and cafes alike to get involved in helping the homeless by providing an accessible way to donate to local charities during the holiday season. The idea is to ask each table from participating restaurants to add $2 or more to their bill. DineSmart is part of grassroots organisation StreetSmart and is already a big hit in Melbourne with cafes pledging $1 from every coffee sold. This year, from November 11 to December 31, the organisation aims to raise $400,000 and fund over 100 homeless projects. With cafes and restaurants all over Melbourne such as Mamasita, Culter & Co, Builders Arms Hotel and Izakaya Den getting involved, it’s time for Brisbane to jumpstart the ‘dollar’ revolution. It doesn’t take much to help and loose change has never become so valuable; we would start a cycle of change and hopefully help those in need whilst enjoying our beverage and meal. So here’s calling all restaurant owners to get involved with DineSmart; a dollar or two can really go a long way. Hannah Twiggs