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I Heart Brownies just opened in the Wintergarden!

Remember how exciting it was when I Heart Brownies opened their very first store? Well get ready to feel that sugar rush of excitement all over again, because the gluten-free brownie creators have opened another spot where you can pick up their decadent goodies any day of the week. Right by the main Queen Street entrance to the Wintergarden is where you’ll find the new kiosk, unmissable thanks to baby pink tiling and hot pink framework. The real action, however, is behind the glass where you’ll spot racks and racks of rich chocolate brownies in flavours that will have you walking away with at least 3 more of the heart-shaped treats than you intended. If you work in the city, it won’t be a problem – you can just come back every day to try a new flavour. Nutella, maple pecan, cherry coconut, salted caramel and jaffa one week, peanut butter, raspberry, choc mint and Turkish delight another. There’s even a dairy free version for the milk averse! i-heart-brownies-feature Along with your brownie, you can grab one of their signature pink lemonades (which can be made sugar free!), a blue Hawaii lemonade with coconut and pineapple syrup, coconut coke or ice cold flavoured milk. Currently, coffee is American drip only, but plans are afoot to add an espresso machine to the kiosk. Now that you’re dreaming of having brownies for lunch and wondering how early it’s acceptable to drink pink lemonade (um, when is it not?), you’ll find I Heart Brownies at Kiosk 7 in the Wintergarden at 171-209 Queen Street in the CBD, open 7 days a week. Words by Ranyhyn Akui