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Husk Farm Distillery is up and pouring!

Rum, don’t walk.

Sure, hitting up the bottle-o gets you what you need (after you’re done tossing up between Cruisers and UDL), but visiting a distillery gets you where you need to be.

The legends behind Husk Rum and Ink Gin have quenched our thirst for somewhere new to play by opening Husk Farm Distillery just over the NSW border! Read: start talking your way out of being designated driver.

Featuring a cellar door, cocktail bar, café and distillery tours, Husk Farm Distillery will nurture your appreciation for the hard work that goes into a strong drink, and/or, it’ll provide you with a new excuse to take a well-earned booze cruise next weekend.

Let’s get down to business. Distillery tours run for $35pp, go for around 45 minutes, and include a gin and tonic on arrival (the only way we want to greeted anywhere, ever, after this). After learning the ins and outs of how single estate agricole rum and Ink Gin come to fruition, you’ll wrap up this leg of the trip with a barrel house rum tasting flight.

If a seasonally changing cocktail list ticks all your boozy boxes, Husk’s cellar door and bar is the go-to. Native botanicals and locally grown ingredients will blend with fresh in-house spirits to create sips you’ll long for back home, which is where purchasing a bottle for the road will come in handy (there’ll be limited release products not found anywhere else if the word ‘exclusive’ gets your wallet quivering with excitement).

If you’re hungry for more, Planters café serves Blackboard coffee, boozy cakes, grazing boards loaded with local cheese and charcuterie and more – because alco-hunger is real, and it’ll get ya.

Reading glasses off, tasting glasses on – Husk Farm Distillery is calling.

When to visit:

Wednesday – Thursday 10am-5pm

Friday, Saturday, Sunday 10am-6pm

Monday, Tuesday CLOSED

Words by Nicole Portacha
- the gourmand who is thirsty for the weekend