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How your lunch choice defines the rest of your day

We’ve all been there – 12pm and still wondering what on earth to eat for lunch. Knowing what you end up choosing decides the trajectory for the rest of the day, you need to make your choice count or at least be aware of the potential for a downward spiral! Nothing Yes this is the choice for many people. Whether it’s because you’ve run out the door without your wallet, or you’re stuck at your desk feeling like you can’t stop and have no choice, don’t. No choice is a choice. Lunch has the potential to be one of the best meals of your day. Why not turn your lack into an office gain and organise a staff buffet? Everyone can pool their lunches, you all get to dip in and land variety on your plate and you can compensate your lack of contribution by shouting a round of morning coffees! Lunch has just become a bonding activity, your boss will admire your morale boosting prowess, promotion is on the cards and your fellow workers will doubly love you in the morning when you arrive with a cup of java. Nothing plus a little chutzpa, has suddenly turned into a whole lot of something. Bahn mi – Mrs Luu’s That crisp yet fluffy baguette, soft pork, sweet and spicy sauce, mayo, cold crunchy lettuce and pickled carrot never gets old. Flavoursome, healthy and kind on your budget, it’s the perfect go-to lunch. These delicious rolls more often than not lead to a hankering for more of the same flavours and you find yourself wandering in to Trang on your way home for a big bowl of pork chop noodle soup and a cold lemon drink. Lookout – a week of uncontrollable Vietnamese indulgence is about to begin. Burger and fries – Red Hook You can go two ways here. Drive through and pick up a sugary bun, processed cheese monstrosity that’ll have you trying to dial down the regret button for the rest of the day, or indulge in a brioche roll filled with generous flavours, fries and a Brooklyn lager. The second option, shared with friends, is the start of fun. There’s always laughter when a burger is involved. We think it’s the lack of need for cutlery, the elbows on table requirements and the effort people go to, to stretch their mouths to the extreme for the sake of a bite filled with every morsel. Now get ready for loud and loose. Big bowl of salad – Botanica Disciplined. Whether it’s your daily routine, your recovery lunch, your pre-special-something lunch, your damage control, your detox or your new you – you’re inviting discipline and order into your day. The rest of your afternoon and evening will likely follow in a controlled and measured manner. Your salad has set a precedent. Watch the water intake suddenly take a leap, the need for grilled chicken, no carbs and lots of greens for dinner. Post dinner, a walk is followed by the commencement of a task that’s been hanging over your head for what seems like millennia. Yes, a big bowl of salad has the potential for all of these things. Impromptu entrees and Sauvignon Blanc One word: Messy nims xx