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How to wear your fave foods

We are in a pretty serious relationship with food, and we know it’s time to take it to the next level. We’re gonna wear our hearts on our sleeves and food on our chests. Talk about #foodstyling
  1. Salad | Cartoon Prints
Whoever said you don’t make friends with salad obviously never sported these drool-worthy threads. This indie Aussie brand has become Insta-famous for their Heart Attack print, featuring a mouthwatering cartoon mix of oozing cheesy pizza, giant burgers, and of course a side of fries. Salad makes matching threads for guys and girls so you and bae can have matching shirts AND matching food babies.
  1. Alice Nightingale | Biscuit Tributes
Arnotts biscuits are staples in the pantry and they should be a staple in your wardrobe. Declare your fave to the world by sporting a classic Iced Vovo, Hundreds and Thousands, or even the underrated Tic Toc purse or clutch from Alice Nightingale. Go inception and carry some emergency bickies in your bag – you’re not gonna regret it!
  1. YP Threads | Food Threads for Dudes
Don’t worry dudes, we haven’t forgotten about you – when it comes to food threads you can get euphorically patriotic with Australiana-inspired pineapple prints and even a boxing kangaroo with a beer in hand. YP also takes custom orders so you and your crew can rock any food-inspired print you want!
  1. Sock It Up | Foodie Socks
Want a slightly more subtle tribute to food spicing up your outfit? Why not introduce some emoji-style printed socks to your wardrobe to either show off or flaunt under your daily corporate attire. Our fave is the Baba Ghanoush print featuring the cheeky eggplant emoji, or the oh so tropical I Find You A-Peeling Banana print.
  1. Ellxssa | Delicious Accessories
Warning – this label will make you want to eat your accessories. These adorable miniature food accessories are all handmade by a super-talented 16 year old (!!!) in Perth and can be shipped everywhere. It’s hard to pick a favourite, but we can’t go past the mini doughnuts, tiny Vegemite jar, and of course the sushi earrings! We kinda hate this kid for being so talented so young, but we’ll forgive her for giving us such drool-worthy cuteness. Next time you spill food on your shirt, consider replacing it with a shirt with food ON it! Words by Lucinda Kent