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How to impress your out of town guests

It’s that time of year when people you haven’t talked to in 11 months start emailing and texting out of the blue. ‘I’m coming to town!’ they say. ‘Let’s catch up!’ Like it’s the easiest thing in the world to pick somewhere to eat and drink that will impress upon them that our city is so much better than wherever they jet-setted in from, even if it doesn’t have career options. ‘Oh you just got promoted? Well, umm, Brisbane has 136 new places to eat since you were last here.’ But there’s no need to panic. We’ve got this. Your in-laws Take the in-laws, take the cousins, heck take the whole family out to Brookfield and spend a leisurely lunch catching up over Wild Canary’s fresh, seasonal eats, which show off the best of South East Queensland’s producers. Whether your guests are from the most gourmet suburb of Melbourne or the outskirts of Adelaide, they’ll be suitably awed by Wild Canary’s creative use of local produce in dishes like blue cheese and spinach soufflé or Mooloolaba prawn pumpkin coconut laksa. You could check out the Moggil Markets while you’re out there – or just pick up some quirky bits and bobs at the Brookfield Garden Centre’s gifthouse. where to take out of town guests 2The relatives from the country The city’s concrete and skyscrapers will probably scare these guests a little, so you’ll want to take them somewhere a little greener. South Bank’s lush parklands are just the place, and they can view the city from afar from a table at Popolo or Stokehouse in River Quay. After a wander through the weekend markets, they’ll feel totally at home amongst the cow patterns and udder lights at Cowch for dessert. The Melbourne food snobs You know the one – they’re always going on about their latest laneway find, and finding ways to bring up the fact that Melbourne is just sooooo amazing. WELL WE HAVE LANEWAYS TOO, BRO. In fact, several. To rub this in, take them to LONgTIME for a hidden Asian feast of Penang beef cheek curry and soft shell crab bao and follow it up with fudgy PB&J brownies from I Heart Brownies in Winn Lane. Afterwards – whisky cocktails at the underground Greaser until they’re so boozed they actually think they’re back in Melbourne. Your old school friends  When there is going to be gossip involved, you need cocktails – lots of them, especially if the topic is who your ex is dating now. And where do you find the highest concentration of cocktail lists? Well, apart from here, here and here, the Valley. Start at Eleven, Up on Constance, Laruche or Elixir Rooftop Bar (or all of them). Want to reminisce and bust a move to all the songs you used to make up dances to in primary school? Retros will either make you cringe or scream ‘OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS SONG!’ darling and coYour parents Taking your parents out to dinner is tricky. You want to demonstrate how good at adulting you’ve become by picking out a restaurant that isn’t just burgers and wings, but you also want them to pay – so the fanciest joint in town is probably not the best option. You also don’t want Dad to start complaining about the parking. Lucky there’s something on every side of town to fit the bill – Nantucket in Indooroopilly, Darling & Co in Paddington, Wooden Horse in Clayfield and The Palms in Mt Gravatt will appease every appetite – and there’s plenty of parking. That couple you met on a Contiki tour that time in South America No doubt these guests will be more interesting in seeing Brisbane’s iconic ‘landmarks’ (because we have so many) than hitting your favourite café for brunch. Luckily, the one we have (the Skyneedle is NOT a landmark Stefan) has some pretty delish dining options. Take a tour of the XXXX Brewery and finish up at their schmick new bar and bistro, where you can sample the entire beer range and tuck into gourmet pub grub. Just don’t blame us if they decide to take over your spare room for a little while longer. Words by Ranyhyn Akui