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How to eat out if you’re a cheapskate

There’s no denying it – at least a quarter of your income usually gets spent on cocktails, cheese, burgers and the occasional degustation or two (ok, it’s more like a third). And sometimes, your bank balance looks so sad (as does the ‘declined’ note on the EFTPOS machine) that you decide it’s time hole up for some Netflix and frozen meals for a while. But before you decide to discover just what is lurking in your freezer, let us fill you in on a few of the sneaky strategies we’ve developed after one too many empty bank accounts, that will have you dining out for less.
Join The Dining Club
What’s this you say? A club dedicated solely to foodies whose budget never seems to cover their dining habits? Hallelujah! Join The Dining Club and every time you flash your membership card (and you’ll want to flash it), you’ll get 10-25% off your total bill at participating restaurants around town – for you and your dining buddies. With that kind of power, everyone will want to take you out to dinner! Head to the website to get more info and join.
Eat out during the week
Don’t you know you can eat out on a day that isn’t Friday or Saturday? Sure you might be up a little past your bedtime on a school night, but it’s worth it – and not just because you won’t have to battle the crowds. Most restaurants and bars dish up seriously good specials on Monday and Tuesday nights. From 2-4-1 burgers at The Defiant Duck on a Tuesday to $35 banquets and movie tickets at Libertine on a Monday, there’s plenty of Brisbane meal deals to be found if you do your research – starting with a browse of our cheap eats.
Ask for dining vouchers for your birthday
You could leave your birthday (and don’t forget Christmas) presents up to chance – but do you really want to end up with another baggy sweater or fondue set (not that there’s anything wrong with fondue – but 3 of them is a little overboard)? No, you don’t. Instead, just drop it in to conversation that a few of your favourite restaurants have dining vouchers available (and they do) – with any luck you’ll be eating for free for months. Not enough for you? Check out how to eat for free on your birthday here! Words by Ranyhyn Akui