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How to date like a boss

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You’ve finally scored a date with that cutie you’ve been making eyes at over your twin double shot skinny lattes every morning at the coffee shop. It’s taken months to work up the courage to say more than ‘is good, is coffee’ but now, you’ve got a number, you’ve got a date, and you’ve got a plan. Wait, what was the plan again? Before you go taking them to your fave local Thai place (the one with the plastic tablecloths) or out for a greasy burger and chips, take a moment to plan a date that will charm the pants off your future plus one – figuratively of course. If your date is:  A lover of the finer things in life Recognise by: Looks like they stepped out of Vogue magazine and driving a BMW. Take them to: No burger bar is going to cut it here, you’re going to have to pull out all the stops. For fine wine, fine dining and waiters who drape white napkins on your lap so you don’t make a mess of yourself in front of them, it’s got to be the a la carte delights of Montrachet, Alchemy, 85 Miskin Street or Aria. For fancy without breaking the bank, Anise’s Magnum Mondays will save you from being thrown in the ‘too cheap’ basket. A gym junkie  Recognise by: Wearing gym clothes because they walk or ride to work and carrying a protein shaker. Take them to: Depending how fit you are (or want to pretend to be), you could DIY a picnic from the James Street Market and hit the road to Mt Cootha for afternoon cheese and crackers – after you’ve hiked the mountain. If that sounds like way too much effort, even for the person you’re going to grow old with, take the food route to health at Asana by Pete Evans, followed by some late night Cocowhip at Pawpaw Café. date night brisbane 2The adventurous type  Recognise by: Instagram feed full of skydiving, weird and wonderful food adventures and trips to New Zealand Take them to: Depending on how adventurous you’re feeling, you could take them to Public for a plate of bugs. Dishes likes worms and kang kong or salmon with black ants are not for the faint of heart though, so you might prefer to take them for antipasto on the move on the Wheel of Brisbane. A hipster Recognise by: Wearing mismatched op shop outfits and a hat even on a cloudy day and carrying a Mac. Take them to: Book a table anywhere and you’ll look way too serious, so instead, hit the Boundary Street Markets for street food, ‘artisan’ doughnuts (hipsters love this word) and enough milk crates to seat an army of hamsters hipsters. Not quite your style? Squeeze into John Mills Himself or Brew in the CBD for ironically named cocktails and craft beers. A vegetarian Recognise by: Don’t worry, they’ll tell you. Take them to: If you really want to impress them, take them to Bacchus, Foraging Quail or Urbane for a vegetarian degustation. Don’t want to be stuck munching on radish? Try LONgTIME – cocktails to start, dim lighting and plenty of vego options will have them eating out of your hand. Just want to get your food baby on, whether your date wants to or not? Try some of these unique date night ideas in Brisbane. Words by Ranyhyn Akui