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How to cook your Angus beef to perfection

Have you ever wondered what secret voodoo ritual chefs perform behind those restaurant kitchen doors to produce that perfectly tender, juicy steak and why, no matter what you do, you just can’t get the same result when you fire up the grill at home? Well, you’re not alone, so we asked the experts at Maleny Black Angus Beef for some advice so you never have to chew on a less than perfect rump again! #1. It’s a no-grainer First thing’s first, put that sad looking sirloin back in the supermarket fridge and moo-ve away slowly! A lot of meat’s flavour and texture comes down to the cow it came from (so our cooking skills aren’t entirely to blame!). Sue and Mark Menkens, who own and run the Maleny Black Angus Beef farm and business, advise choosing steak from a cow that has been grass-fed as opposed to grain-fed as the meat will be leaner and have a much nicer flavour, meaning you won’t have to go overboard with the spices and sauces. #2. Don’t be lazy So now you have the right meat, what do you do with it? The experts from Maleny Black Angus Beef have a few tips to save you from char-grilling your dinner by mi-steak, they suggest letting it defrost naturally rather than taking the lazy man’s choice and microwaving it to save all of the flavour and juices. Just chuck it in the fridge the night before you plan to cook it or leave it in the packet and put it in a sink full of water for 20 minutes. #3. A rare opportunity When you’re ready to throw your steak in the pan or on the BBQ, get the surface nice and hot then turn it down to a lower setting and let the meat cook through evenly. Grass-fed Angus won’t take long to cook but if the temperature is too high it will end up dry and chewy. Try and stick to medium or medium rare too, as cooking your steak well done will suck the moisture out of that juicy piece of beef. Now, before you start running around Brisbane looking for a butcher that sells good quality beef that won’t cost an arm and a leg, you can dig in those hooves and relax because you can buy your Maleny Angus beef online and have it delivered fresh to your door, free of any postage charge! Words by Kate Streader