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How to Celebrate Star Wars Day

Don’t think there’s that much to do? I find your lack of faith disturbing.

It is pointless to resist the temptation of celebrating Star Wars Day. 


Whether you’re a super Star Wars fan, or your partner has multiple lightsabers hanging from a wall in your living room, May the Fourth offers an official excuse to appreciate the beloved franchise (sorry, the galactic journey which shaped our generation – don’t get your buns in a twist). 

You were right to come to us instead of looking in Alderaan places, young padawan, as we’ve put together the ultimate way to spend Star Wars Day. No, it’s not a trap. 

Death Star Canteen

“You don’t know the power of the dark side” is also relevant for a good cup of coffee. Death Star Canteen is Brisbane’s answer to daily Star Wars references, and home to great burgers, risotto, soup, coffee, and whatever else their master summons. Be a trooper and pop in for some takeaway. 

Star Wars x Le Creuset

Ever thought that Han Solo in carbonite would make a great cast-iron roaster? Le Creuset sure did, and you can rest easy knowing your dinner is well protected (if it survived the prepping process, that is). They’ve also whipped up the likes of a Darth Vader casserole dish, mini droid cocotte pots, Millennium Falcon trivets, and more! The first release sold out faster than a ship travelling through hyperspace, but you can be one of the first to order the second release quantities here.

Recipe: Mando Ice Cream Sandos

This is the way. While you pop on The Mandalorian and gawk at Baby Yoda, try your hand at making some Mando ice cream sandos. With any luck, they’ll end up looking like the Mandalorian’s helmet – making a far better treat than, say, a frog. 

Recipe: Kylo Ren Vegetable Onigiri

You’d saber your own father just to get one! As you rewatch The Rise of Skywalker, impress your family with these Kylo Ren vegetable onigiris. It might finally make your grandfather proud. 


May the Fourth be with you. 

Words by Nicole Portacha
- the gourmand who hopes her Star Wars-obsessed partner is proud (yes, there are lightsabers hanging on our living room wall).