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Host a dinner party without opening the oven this spring

What is this sorcery?!

Because sharing is caring, we’re willing to let you in on a little culinary powerhouse that will have you actually enjoying dinner parties at your place, instead of being a sweaty, frazzled mess. The secret weapon? We’re loving Short Order by Jocelyn’s Provisions!

This concept store and one-stop-shop by chef and writer Lizzie Loel and the team behind Jocelyn’s Provisions takes the leg work out of any dinner soiree with quality, homey meals that don’t require crying at the stove. 

Honestly, the most strenuous thing you’ll have to do is choose what to put on the table, because Short Order’s menu is both extensive and incredibly tasty, covering every base from entrée to dessert. 

It’s a tricky decision between succulent free-range chicken sourced from the Maleny hinterland or organic lamb and crackling-wrapped porchetta accompanied by Short Order’s vibrant salads and creative vegetable dishes; think duck fat roasted potatoes with thyme and garlic, charred zucchini with tahini, chilli and mint, or their daily goodness bowl with assorted nuts, seeds, kale, goji berries and avocado yoghurt dressing… you get the drift.

The veggos among us aren’t fretting, though, because Short Order’s veggie and salad options can also be enjoyed as the main event and not just side dishes, with more substantial offerings like whole roasted Jarrahdale pumpkin with harissa, chickpeas and tahini yoghurt ready to please the plant-based people. 

You’ll even get to choose between plenty of perfectly paired sauces and dressings like zesty chimichurri or spicy romesco and kimchi, and pick the finishing touches like artisanal breads, flavoured butters, and dessert (provided by the baking gods at Jocelyn’s Provisions around the corner), and that’s literally the hard work done.. 

We also totally adore that Short Order offers platters, sweet and savoury finger foods, and cheese platter boxes (if you give them a bit of a heads up) because sometimes our dinner party mood board is more casual, you know? 

Snaps to new chef Callum Rogers for making these decisions so dang difficult but honestly, we can’t thank him enough for ridding us of kitchen cry sessions where we vowed to never host a party again. Sorry guys, his services don’t extend to washing up though.

Want to peep the whole menu? Head to Short Order’s website here

Words by Nikki Shields
- the gourmand who shouldn't be allowed in the kitchen.