Hops and Brew’s Craft Brewery Tour - Brisbane

All aboard the beer bus for Hops and Brew’s Craft Brewery Tour

Craft Brewery Tours

For fans of the finest alcoholic refreshment ever devised, there’s no better time than now to experience everything great about Brisbane’s burgeoning craft beer scene.

Tour operators Hops and Brew have launched their range of craft brewery tours; day-long tours of some of Brisbane’s best micro-breweries featuring demonstrations, heaps of food and lots and lots of beer.

From dedicated home-brewers to seasoned craft beer connoisseurs and those who simply enjoy a post-work pint, all are welcome aboard the signature Hops and Brew tour bus for this festival on wheels in honour of our favourite golden beverage.

The craft brewery tours see Hops and Brew join forces with Brissy’s best brewers for an experience truly unique to our city. On your tour you’ll go behind the scenes of some of Brisbane’s craftiest creators, including Brisbane Brewing Co., Green Beacon Brewing Co., All Inn Brewing Co., Newstead Brewing Co., Catchment Brewing Co., Fritzenberger Brew Pub, Bacchus Brewing, Ballistic Beer Co., White Lies Brewing, Aether Brewing Co., Revel Brewing Co., Helios Brewing Co. and Slipstream Brewing Co.

With so many amazing craft breweries popping up all over the city, the proud stout soldiers at Hops and Brew have devised three different tour routes to ensure max coverage and add an extra bonus for those who come back for rounds two and three (as if the beer alone wasn’t enough!)

Jump on the City Run to experience five of the inner-suburbs’ best, head west to discover four hidden gems on The Great South East or encounter the newest brewers to hit town on The Brissy Brews Tour. At each stop you’ll enjoy a tasting board featuring four signature beers that define the crafters who created it. That’s like, 16 different beers a tour! There’s no better way to learn everything that Brisbane’s beer scene has to offer. Plus, you know, that’s a lot of beer!

Looking for something a little bit more personal? Spend your birthday, buck’s night or company bash on a Craft Brewery Tour and Hops and Brew will customise it to your liking. Spice up the fun with paintball, go karting or mini golf because nothing improves your short game like copious amounts of alcohol.

Head to Hops and Brew to learn more and book your spot on a Craft Brewery Tour. After a day experiencing the finest craft beer in the city, even the snobbiest of wine drinkers will leave having converted to the church of blissful Brisbane beer.

Words by Josh Schultz