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Hoo Ha Bar is launching a quirky new cocktail menu

If you’ve ever walked past South Bank’s Hoo Ha Bar, you may have wondered what this quirky little venue is. Do the vintage couches indicate a breakfast spot, or an espresso bar? Do the unconventional spirit shelves signify a tapas joint or a boutique bar? Actually, Hoo Ha Bar is all of these things (and more), but their true appeal lies in their cocktails. And with a brand new cocktail menu about to kick off, you’ve got a whole list of reasons to take a seat in those vintage couches and spend an evening getting to know the place. It’s lucky the bar does plenty of evening nibbles as well as drinks, because there’ll be no getting through these cocktails without an attack of late night drunk hunger. And with quirky names that read like a 1960’s classroom roll (Maude? Is Maude here?), it might be best to line your stomach on sweet potato chips and fried artichoke hearts so you don’t dissolve into giggles when you try to order a Gladys. Gladys, as you’ll find out, is not one for the grey haired – it’s actually a spunky mix of tequila, strawberry, basil, chilli, ginger and lime. She’s totally one-upped by Conrad though, a dark and handsome blend of Maker’s Mark, fresh espresso, marshmallow syrup and dark chocolate liqueur. Feel like sharing? Double up on first names and split a Vern Robert, a jug of mixed berry-infused dark rum, pomegranate liqueur, lime, mint, ginger beer and bitters, or the Herbert James, with apricot liqueur, passionfruit, lychee, lemon, Peychaud’s bitters and a dash of sparkling wine. Better get comfortable in those chairs, because you’re going to want to stay a while and try some of everything! But because downing all of these delicious beverages in one sitting could significantly impair your motor skills, the considerate peeps at Hoo Ha Bar are hosting a launch party with all their new sips in mini sizes. Indulge in smaller glasses of the new cocktails and find your favourite so you can come back and order it again and again. The Hoo Ha Bar’s cocktail menu launch will be held on Friday, September 18, so Hoo-p to it and don’t miss out on the chance to try them before everyone else!  Words by Rebecca Grady