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Holy Cannoli! Seven drool worthy dessert cannoli recipes for a lazy Sunday

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That perfect fried ccccrrrrunchhhh through to that dreamy whipped ricotta filling. Always with a little zestage, either with chocolate or nuts, sometimes the shell is lined with chocolate, sometimes the fillings are flavoured custard…….look; I could go on, and on. Cannoli are seriously one of life’s great food pleasures. Best eaten the day they are made with an espresso or macchiato to balance the sweetness, and never ever share! Are you kidding? We’ve scoured the not so Italian universe for recipes to indulge you first timers and add an extra dimension to the aficionado repertorio. Sicilian Cannoli | Apron and Sneakers Sicilian Cannoli - Apron and Sneakers 2 (2) My half Sicilian friends’ mother used to always say, “Start how you want to finish” and never with a gun to my head! In this case, especially if you’ve never indulged before, definitely start with a Sicilian Pistachio and Ricotta Cannolo (singular) and lay your guns down. Gluten Free Cannoli | Gluten Free Girl Gluten Free Cannoli - Gluten Free Girl (2) Celiacs should never miss out on a good thing; ever. This recipe has been lovingly converted, no gun duress whatsoever. She has even made her own ricotta to be sure. Wrap your teeth around this gluten-free goodness. Brava! Mini Cannoli Cups | Good Stuff Only Mini Cannoli Cups - Good Stuff Only (2) OK, we’ve hand rolled cannoli tubes through the whole Godfather Trilogy.  Time for a lateral indulgence now. These little morsels of family love use a baked tart shell as the base, and are filled with the same luscious ricotta bliss and sprinkled with choc buds. I would prefer to add orange zest to the filling and shave dark chocolate on the top just to make the mouthful more Sophia Loren, less Mario Puzo. Cannoli Cheesecake | I was Born to Cook Cannoli Cheesecake - I Was Born To Cook (2) Two families united by chance. The Cannolis and The Cheesecakes. Two star crossed Lovers. Is their union doomed? I think not! This will be a relationship that will surely stand the test of time and become folklore in the legends of your family recipe book. Cannoli Ice cream | Cooking Classy Cannoli Ice Cream - Cooking Classy (2) All the delizioso elements of cannoli churned into ice-cream. Eat it by itself, add another dimension by drizzling over a dark chocolate sauce laced with orange zest or sandwich it between two pieces of toasted brioche for a sweet take on a foccacia. Cannoli French Toast | Noble Pig Cannoli French Toast - Noble Pig 2 (2) I love french toast, and I have invented and re-invented it in every which way, but to cook it with the flavours of the cannoli is pure genius. I would serve with a little segmented citrus salad dressed with candied pistachios and honey. Leonardo would be proud. Home Made Ricotta | 101 cookbooks.com Homemade Ricotta - 101 Cookbooks (2) Every good cook needs to have made ricotta at least once. It is so easy; it’s fantastico. You’ll need to drain it really well for your cannoli as it needs to be firm enough to pipe inside your crunchy shell. If you don’t have buttermilk, use your Nonno’s citric acid. I use 1 flat teaspoon for every 2 litres of milk and 150 of pure cream. Follow the method in this recipe and e voila, professionale! Have fun feeding your newfound cannoli dipendenza. nims xx