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Hello Chicken, Hello Happiness!

Hello, is it chicken your looking for? What a silly question, when is anyone NOT looking for chicken?

Especially if it’s fried and chips are thrown into the equation.

Clucky for you there’s a kombi-turned-chicken-shop just waiting to serve you some of the best chicken in Brisbane. You’ll never have to look again.

Nesting in Bowen Hill’s new foodie precinct, King Street, Hello Chicken is dishing out some of the most finger lickin’ good bird in town. If you’ve never tried Korean fried chicken, you’re not only missing out on the latest foodie trend, but you’re required to get in the car and try some immediately.

How is it different to regular fried chicken you may ask? It’s fried twice, therefore, twice as good. You can’t go wrong with the menu, but we find it difficult to go past the snow cheese chicken, it’s literally cheese sprinkled on fried chicken (why haven’t we thought of this earlier?).

And if you’re looking for a meal that’s as easy as it is delicious, make sure to grab one of their combo boxes. $18 will get you four pieces of your choice of chicken, chips and a soft drink, and it’ll be much more satisfying than the two minute noodles you had planned.

Even a chicken would cross the road for this bird. It’s that good.

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Words by Georgia Casey