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Here Heir: King Street's the Place to Feast This Ekka

Don some purple and find your tiaras ladies and gents because The Royal Queensland Show will soon be back and better than ever. While the food at Ekka is a-alpaca-mazing, there’s also a feast ready and waiting right next door!

The perfect place to nip in for a quick pre-feed or to fix your post-carnival blues, King Street is not only dealing dishes fit for a prince, but at affordable mate rates that the masses can enjoy!

Fat Dumpling

A place to gyoza when cravings set in, Fat Dumpling is celebrating this Ekka season by offering 15% off every bill over $25, an absolute bargain which will leave you wonton more. With a huge range of delectable Asian dishes on offer, and dim sum more, it’s the perfect place for a pick-me-up after a fete-tastic day!

Sushi & Nori

For a meal soy good that you need to sashimi it to believe it, be sure to check out Sushi & Nori during Ekka week! Another one of the restaurants taking 10% off your tab, its wide and super satisfying range of Japanese rolls and other delicacies is truly roe-nderful. You katsu try it!

Il Verde

For grate Italian cuisine that is sure to cheese, look no further than Il Verde on King Street – their Parmigiano Reggiano wheels are what dreams are made of! Delicious pastas, pizzas and mains are now even friendlier to your wallet with a 10% discount now on the table (excluding that cheese wheel though). You can’t get any feta than this.


The word for Grandma in Vietnamese, Banoi lives up to its name by delivering scrumptious Asian dishes that taste just as good as your granny’s cooking. Also offering that sweet 10% off your total bill, those rice paper rolls and bowls of steaming pho have never been so exciting. There’s no better time than now to grab a bite during Ekka and take advantage of this deal.

The George Bar and Bistro

Before Harry, William, and even good old Queen Bess, there was The George. While not named after the monarch, it serves up just as much class, with meals like Croque Monsieur and The George breakfast reigning deliciousness upon your tastebuds.  For a brekkie that won’t break the budget, be sure to try the ham and cheese toastie plus coffee for only $9. However the real king of The George’s Ekka menu is their special Showstopper cocktail – with a dash of raspberry, guava, lychee juice, prosecco and pink Persian fairy floss, this is the true carnival food we all know we want.

Super Combo

After an amazing day of fawning over cuddly animals and devouring strawberry sundaes, the moment after leaving the gates can feel like a let-down. But rest assured, you can still end the day on a high note and console yourself at Super Combo, a 90’s themed restaurant where you can game and eat at the same time. With its retro combination of action figures, Nintendo’s, blissful burgers and 10% off your total bill, what more could you ask for from a post-Ekka feed.

The Lamb Shop

If you can’t curb your cravings for some yummy kebabs, make sure to tikka look at The Lamb Shop which serves all things Mediterranean (with some cheeky bevvies on the side!). Special mention must go to its mouth-watering souvlaki and chips for only $20 during Ekka.

Hello Chicken

Say hello to foodie happiness and finger-licking goodness when you visit Hello Chicken just down the road from the Ekka. Now offering 10% off their meals, it’s the perfect excuse to head over and dig into their deliciously crunchy wings and drumsticks. So do as the chickens do, and cross the road to chick out this amazing joint.

Whether you’re a Prince, peasant or pauper, King Street’s got you covered. To gain these noble discounts, simply show your Ekka tickets upon entry to these various foodie kingdoms. Happy feasting! 

Words by Jacqueline Pon