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Healthy Indian dining joins Bulimba’s foodie scene

It’s safe to say quite a few of us enjoy (binging on) Indian food. Whether it’s a creamy chicken curry, a vindaloo that gets you all steamed up, or just a bucket load of naan bread (don’t challenge us, we’ll do it), Indian fare never fails to elicit a serious amount of drool. Sadly, the creamy curries and oily snacks that we so love aren’t exactly belt-buckle-friendly – or weren’t, that is, until It’s Mirchi came to town. The Paddington restaurant showed us that we could have our favourite exotic cuisine without the guilt, with a menu full of healthy Indian delights that are low in fat, sugar, and oil. And now, the eat-in and take-out spot has come to the other side of town, so you don’t have to travel further than Bulimba to get your fix of everything from vegan daal and gluten free naan to dairy free and nut free curries. It'sMirchi indian restaurant brisbane 2Safe to say, any restaurant that allows us to bulk order butter chicken without that feeling of post-Indian regret is one that we want to see more of, so having a second location is definitely worth celebrating (with a pile of free range chicken tikka and vegetable samosas of course). Situated on Oxford Street, the doors to It’s Mirchi number two have opened on a sophisticated and colourful venue, with outdoor seating lit by candles and fairy lights amongst the buzzing buzzing atmosphere of Oxford Street – perfect for date night. The restaurant’s relaxed vibe also makes it a hit spot for family-friendly nights out. ItsMirchi indian restaurant brisbane 3The Bulimba addition is serving up the same healthy fare as its Paddington big bro, with snacks like cauliflower pakora and onion bhaji that leave your fingers oil free (and allow us to curry on with our meal without feeling greasy), and scrumptious curries that won’t leave you bloated. After spooning mouthful after mouthful of butter chicken into your mouths, you’ll be as addicted as we are – don’t say we didn’t warn you. Psst – the recipe is sugar free, too, so shovel that goodness like there’s no tomorrow. Since all your favourites can also be catered for nut, gluten, and dairy allergies, there’s no reason not to over-order extra serves of tikka masala, korma, rogan josh, and naan, naan, and more naan. You’ll find the new It’s Mirchi at 205 Oxford Street, Bulimba. Words by Samantha Chariton Images by Judit Losh

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