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Have gnocchi for breakfast at this new north side café

Handmade ricotta gnocchi, sous vide chilli steak with beans and coco-nutty granola. Sound like all your breakfast dreams come true? Well if we’ve grabbed your attention we know we’re not going to keep it for long – because you’ll be dashing off to Windsor Larder to get your hands on their feeds. Having revamped the old chipper at 229 Lutwyche Road in Windsor, this quirky new café has the the benefit of passionate, local produce loving owners, who not only have 22 years of rattling the pans behind the them, but are also determined to prove that good food can be good for you. And breakfast being the most important meal of all, they’re dishing it up all day, seven days a week! windsor-larder-2 Whatever time of day you stop in, there’s no resisting these morning dishes. Ricotta gnocchi tossed with chorizo, poached eggs and a buttery tomato sauce? Chipotle infused steak with house made beans and fried egg? Or how about caramel French toast with spiced pears and lavender ice cream for the sweet tooths? You may just want to have breakfast twice in one day. windsor-larder-3 If you like to keep your breakfast and lunch routine separate though, the menu also offers up lunch time eats of fresh pastries, salads and soups, as well as an ever changing menu of seasonal feeds. Chef and owner Doug isn’t one for a regimented menu and has an entire library of cookbooks on the shelves for inspiration, so you never know what you’ll find on the specials board! All the more reason to head back for another visit to see what they’ve come up with, right? windsor-larder-4 Alongside it all, you can get blended smoothies like the healthful kale, coconut water apple, banana and mint ‘Going Green’, fresh juices like the orange, carrot and ginger ‘The Ranga’, and of course, smooth Silipo coffee from the Gold Coast. It’s not just eating in on offer either – lining the pantry shelves of the café you’ll find irresistible jams, smoked salts, jars of pickled goods and other gourmet delicacies, as well as freshly baked loaves from Brassiere Bread to take home with necessities like milk and butter. With all this available 7 days a week from 6.30am, there’s no reason not to get in and check out the new digs! You’ll find Windsor Larder at 229 Lutwyche Road, Windsor Larder. Words by Ranyhyn Akui