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Have a burger for dessert at Fritzenberger

If you’re so mad for a good burger you’d happily sit down to two courses dedicated to them – Fritzenberger is the new Brisbane bar and eatery for you. Sitting atop Caxton Street, this beery spot is all about the combination of two of our favourite things: burgers and fries. But don’t expect a run of the mill experience here, not with the team behind Harjuku Gyoza and Nitrogenie at the helm! Find a stool in the airy bar and grab yourself a pint of beer or cider from the onsite micro-brewery (you can see the tanks behind the bar) to sip on while you decide which of the six burgers you’re going to opt for. Will it be the signature Fritzenberger, with a grass-fed Byron Bay beef patty stacked with aged cheddar, lettuce, tomato, red onion and house-made Fritzensauce? The slow cooked pulled pork burger with slaw, min and coriander? Or the Southern fried, free-range chicken thigh fillet with lettuce, tomato and mayo? fritzenberger-2 You can even add maple syrup candied bacon or bacon jam to your double hander, and whack it on a gluten free bun for the coeliacs. The sides are where things get really interesting though. There’s no such thing as boring fries here – whether you get the loaded frites topped with cheese sauce, candied bacon, green onions and Twisties salt or a cone of regular frites, take them over to the salt station and be awed at the choices of seasoning. Vegimite salt, parmesan salt, garlic and rosemary, beetroot salt – the choices go on! fritzenberger-3 Even if you add sides of spicy chicken wings, crumbed pork bites and pickles, you’ll want to make sure you save space for dessert – that dessert burger is yet to come. A sweet milk bun delicately piled with a chocolate ice cream patty, strawberries, raspberry ketchup and custard, it definitely requires two hands and a whole lot of napkins. For those more interested in another pint than having dessert, the beer menu includes house brews of Pale Ale, IPA, Coffee IPA as well as local favourites like Newstead Liquid Amber and Pirate Life Stout. You’ll find a few wines on the list of two of course, along with ciders and ginger beer. Whether it’s the burgers, the beers or the fries calling your name, you’ll find Fritzenberger at 52 Petrie Terrace, open seven days a week. Words by Ranyhyn Akui