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Haloumi chips are coming!

Ten years ago, haloumi was the underestimated cheese from Cyprus that remained relatively unknown. If someone was to say ‘haloumi’, you’d probably say ‘bless you’. But this underdog cheese has come out swinging like Rocky (after an inspiring montage) and has fought its way onto our brunch plates, onto our Instagram pages and into our hearts. And now, a prayer that we didn’t even know we made has been answered because Brisbane is getting haloumi chips! That’s right, The Yiros Shop is dishing up creamy haloumi sliced into chip sized portions then deep fried, leaving a crunchy, crispy outside but a gooey, melted centre. They are perfect for sharing as an entrée or, as we prefer, shoving them all into your mouth before your date can get back from the bathroom, and can be dipped or eaten by themselves. So if, like us, you were drooling at ‘haloumi’, say hello to the cheesiest fries to ever grace our plates from Saturday 24th September at any of The Yiros Shop’s four locations! Words by Kate Stevens