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Hail Mary: Salt Meats Cheese introduces a breakfast gnocchi and Bloody Mary menu

Well, we just got gnocched off our seats.

Ready for some bloody good news? Good, because we’re ready to give it to you straight up with a dash of tomato juice – hold the garnish.

Everyone’s favourite forward-thinking Italian eatery, Salt Meats Cheese, has been working hard to make the most important meal of the day actually worth giving a dukkah ‘bout. 

Dubbed ‘Gnocchis & Mary’s’, this new morning menu, that is exclusive to Salt Meats Cheese Gasworks, is a recipe for turning every early wake-up groan into a smile and a ‘time for flipping breakfast gnocchi!’.

Rest your head on sweet little pillows of potato with four fantastic options to choose from, each with boiled and pan-fried house made gnocchi. Let’s introduce you, shall we?

The Almighty gnocch’s are stuffed with mozzarella and tomato (ya-huh), served with crispy smoked bacon and baby kale, topped with poached eggs. Another friendly savoury op is the Tassie Salmon, with gravlax, lime dressing, rucola, poached eggs and coconut sauce.

If you’re vegan, get keen. The Vegan Beets dish is made up beetroot gnocchi served with smashed avo, crunchy green pea spread, cherry tomatoes and vegan Persian feta dukkah.

Savoury breakfasts aren’t for everyone, which is where the Nutella gnocchi comes in (and we clock out, because we need this right the heck now). Dig your spoon into a bowl of vanilla ice cream gnocchi topped with chocolate Nutella brownie and raspberry sauce. You’d be nuts not to.

If you’re not already drunk in love, the Bloody Marys might just get you there. Another fab four offerings will be at your service, from classic mixes to a fun Pecorino Mary, being pecorino cheese infused gin with a Mary mix and cheese garnish. Your lactose intolerance deserves a holiday anyway.

And there you have it, heaven exists and you can eat it at Salt Meats Cheese.


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Words by Nicole Portacha
- the gourmand who didn’t know true love was legit, until just now.

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