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Great scotch! We've found your new favourite whisky bar

Forget the Valley's hidden laneway bars or West End speakeasies, there's a new bar in town and it's nipping at our heartstrings.

With hundreds of whiskies lining the shelves – this impressive bar is causing a stir in the most unlikely location.

Want to be let in on the secret? Fly into JR/Duty Free before you fly out of Brisbane Airport’s International Terminal for an experience to cheers to.

While you won’t have to search hard to find it (unmarked doors are overrated), JR/Duty Free is home to what we reckon has to be one of the best whisky collections this side of the Scottish Highlands – and is the perfect spot to check yourself into after you’ve passed check-in.

Whether you’re a whisky aficionado or can’t tell your blends from your single malts –  head to the bar for FREE whisky tastings – and a collection of rare and exclusive releases to make you swoon!

Mosey up to the bar and sip your way through 100 types of whisky and if you like what you taste, you can take it with you. With prices ranging up to $8999 (!!!) there’s a drop in everyone’s price range.

We volunteered as tribute (duh) to taste the range of single malts under the guidance of Shane and Teena, JR/Duty Free’s whisky experts and general bad asses, who lead us through smoky and sweet drops until we found our perfect match.

From a 12-year double cask Aberlour to a perfectly peaty Islay Bruichladdich (try saying that 10 times fast after a 10am taste!), we travelled the globe from Scotland to Japan. We were #blessed to even get a sneak peek at a v fancy Glenfidditch that retails at THOUSANDS of dollars. Maybe next time?

Rare and interesting whiskies aside (check the super rare Port Ellen scotch, there’s only 200 bottles worldwide and JR/Duty Free has two!), there’s also a range of bourbons and gin to peruse – that’s the spirit! We’re skipping the gifts and keeping these buys for ourselves.

Let’s be real, with some delicious tipples to taste you’d be excused for missing the boarding call – you’ll just have extra time to spirit sample!

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