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Good Food Month - Our Top Picks

July is looking pretty handsome thanks to another year of Good Food Month and all the goods it’s going to bring to the table. Whether you’re into secret locations, dining with Australia’s finest chefs – or you simply need to an excuse to skip cooking dinner for an entire month, Good Food Month 2017 has got you covered. We’ve rounded up our top picks for this years Good Food Month and there’s something from every budget, from luxe to lean. From July 1 we’re going to be sipping, slurping, munching, and devouring our way through every day. Good Food Month Launch After Party | Stokehouse | July 17 | $50 Ain’t no party like an after party and for the first time ever, everyone’s invited. After the official launch of Good Food Month keep the party going at Stokehouse Q. For just $50pp enjoy beverages, canapes, music and dancing all night long. Hat Swap | Gerard’s Bistro | July 27 | $165 What happens when you have a meeting of the minds and those minds just so happen to sit in hatted chefs? Utter deliciousness. Embla Head Chef Dave Verheul is venturing north to join forces with Gerard’s Bistro Head Chef Ben Williamson for an exclusive one-night only collaboration dinner on July 27. Laneway! Streetfood! Music! | CBD | July 28 | $50 So! many! exclamation! marks! – but with good reason. This year’s laneway extravaganza is coming to a secret location near you (we love the thrill of a good secret). For $50, you can choose four ice cold beers or ciders, and three substantial food items from Australia’s best chefs. Where will we meet you? We don’t know – but we know that it’s going to be hella good. Brisbane’s Young Chefs Lunch | ARIA | July 23 | $150 The next best thing’s to hit the food scene are coming to the Young Chefs lunch at the ever-so refined ARIA. Enjoy four courses with matched wine and remember those handsome young chefs’ faces, given that in a few years when you’re watching Masterchef you can yell ‘HE MADE ME DINNER!’ Escape to Halcyon House | Halcyon House | August 25 | $2000 (package for two) You’ve undoubtedly seen Halcyon House being boasted throughout bloggers Instagram’s left, right and centre, so why not go and see what all the fuss is about. Live like the Instafamous for one night and two days, where you’ll be treated to a twin room, dinner, champagne breakfast, yoga and a cooking class. Have fun trying to leave after day two. Leave your diet resolutions for August, July is going to be about all things delicious – thank god it’s winter so you can hide your food baby under an oversized sweater! Words by Nicole Portacha and Lucinda Kent