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Going Green - 5 Easy Ways to Feel Like Captain Planet

Raise your hand if you’ve ever forgotten your green bag or keep cup. Look, we’ve all been guilty of grabbing a single use plastic bag or a takeaway coffee cup when we’ve been in a hurry, but the big chains have spoken, and as of July 1 there are no longer free single use plastic bags available.

If you’re anything like us, you’re thinking about the food you’re going to eat rather than the bag you’re going to carry it home in, so the chances of us forgetting reusable bags are high.

But, with so many cool products available now, from cups to bags and even straws, we’ve rounded up our top five eco-friendly products to make the switch a little easier.


Stash some in your car. Stash some at your work desk. Stash a foldable one in your bag. Print out a photo of a gentle turtle and stick it above your desk. Stare deeply into its eyes. Feel its pain. Imagine how much better its life would be sans plastic bag. If saving Timmy the turtle isn’t enough, think about this: it’s 15c to buy a reusable from the big chains but that’s 15c off every after-work wine when you forget. It’s not worth it.


Have 55 mouldy coffee cups crowding your work space? Not only is that gross (but we’ve all been guilty) it’s also a whole lot of waste. Get yourself a super cute keep cup and not only will you look stylish AF, you’ll also save yourself some money.

Responsible Cafes save over 46 million single use cups and lids from landfill every year, and Brisbane is leading the way with 226 cafés signed up to offer discounts to customers bringing in their own cups. Save the environment, save money AND save face when the eco-cutie at your local DOESN’T see you killing their beloved sea creatures for the sake of a double shot latte.


When you’ve got six half drunk bottles of Evian in your car, three under your desk and one next to the bed – it really starts to add up, and not to anything nice. Ditch the single use bottles and get mitts on a reusable. Not only will you be helping reduce the GREAT PACIFIC GARBAGE PATCH (Google it – seriously), you’ll save serious $$ on fancy water and if you grab yourself an insulated bottle – you’ll have cold water all dang day.


Throw away all ideas that you NEED a straw for your G&T, morning OJ or post-workout smoothie, and you’ll stop throwing away a heck of a lot of plastic. More and more businesses are going straw-free, or switching to paper straws. You can help by BYO-ing your own reusable straw too, with heaps of different metal and bamboo products available.


If you’re strapped for time, a lousy cook or just a bit lazy – you’ve probably got a bin bulging with plastic takeaway containers. With more and more reusable containers becoming available, it’s no wonder that cafes and restaurants are getting jiggy with sustainability, and allowing customers to BYO their own containers. Check out Trashless Takeawayto see whether your local is on board!

Keen to be a less garbage person? Check out our article on the War on Waste with Nims from The Jam Pantry for more hot tips!

Words by Emma Callaghan  
- the gourmand who owns approx. 55 reusable bags