The Best Restaurants For Birthday Dinners In Brisbane

Best restaurants for a birthday dinner in Brisbane

Birthday Dinner Brisbane

Birthdays. It’s the time of year where we dress up in a slammin’ outfit and hit the town to make the most of the attention, gifts, and – let’s face it – a day where calories don’t count. We’ve wrapped up a list of Brisbane’s best spots for a birthday dinner. For your sanity, most of them have enough booze to help pretend those ‘how old are you now?’ questions don’t make us want to run away and hide. In a pillow fort. Cause we’re never getting older.

The Best Restaurants For Birthday Dinners In Brisbane

Mucho Mexicano | South Brisbane

What could make us feel more cheerful about getting older than colourful Mexican décor, grande plates of quesadillas, nachos with the works, and mucho tequila? Grab some margaritas with the mates and say cheers to another year.

Mecca Bah | Fortitude Valley

Wish you could throw everyone on a private jet and head to an exotic location for your birthday celebrations? Sorry, can’t help you there, but we can point you towards Brisbane’s most exotic dining spot – Mecca Bah. Whether you take over a booth for a banquet of scrumptious Middle Eastern fare or book in for a private cocktail or pizza making class, there’s no way your guests will finish the night hungry or bored. Plus, the Valley’s just a magic carpet ride away!

Chop Chop Chang’s | West End

Chop, chop – we’re not getting any younger! With beef cheek panang curry, ginger and garlic karaage chicken, and banquets for the whole table, not to mention cocktail jugs, there’s never been a better time for some birthday-themed monkey business.

Ole | South Bank

Ole! There’s nothing like forgetting how old you’re turning with way too many carafes of sangria. If you’ve stopped gorging on paella, calamari and churros before 10pm, you’re officially celebrating wrong.

birthday dinner brisbane libertine
Libertine | Petrie Terrace

Feast your eyes on the elegant Petrie Terrace set-up … and then feast on absolutely everything else. 7 course shared banquets of modern French-Vietnamese cuisine? Sounds like a birthday challenge to us.

Comuna Cantina | Brisbane

Hey, there’s no shame in being too lazy for high heels and fancy silverware (especially when the alternative is a binge-fest of ultimate Latin street foods). Tacos, arepas and cocktail iceypoles? Yeah, we’ll take Juan of everything, thanks.

Santa Monica | Brisbane

Can’t splurge on that overseas trip this birthday? Those Los Angeles cocktails and burgers may be closer than you think. Be warned: if you don’t offer the Santa Monica share tower, we probably can’t be friends.

Riverbar + Kitchen | Brisbane

Riverside cocktails and charming share plates? We’re in. The glamour of Riverbar is ideal for those of us who take the opportunity to get a little fancy (and pretend we don’t accidentally walk out of the house most days with bed hair and no shoes).

Madame Wu | Brisbane

Wu-hoo! Treat yo’self to a sesh in Madame Wu’s stunning riverside space. You’re welcome to order a banquet for the table, but let’s be realistic – a menu with roast duck, pork belly, and dumplings upon dumplings? We’re feasting either way.

birthday dinner brisbane defiant duck
The Defiant Duck | Newstead

At Newstead’s best American eats location, post-dinner waddling isn’t just a risk – it’s a certainty. You’re not gonna find a better day on the calendar for a pig out session of burgers, fried chicken, and baked NY cheesecake without hearing the words ‘portion control’.

Heya | Fortitude Valley

Nothing rejuvenates the spirit quite like a birthday spent with Heya’s pool tables, karaage chicken, and more booze than you can reasonably drink anymore. And no, this Valley scene isn’t exactly suited for the family dinner with old aunt Gertrude.

Pawpaw Café | Woolloongabba

Also known as ‘breakfast heaven,’ Pawpaw is open for dinners Wednesday to Sunday, plating up dreamy pan-Asian delights. Kick back with a passionfruit mojito and paw at dishes like duck pancakes, massaman curry, and pork belly baos.

Kwan Brothers | Fortitude Valley

This Hong Kong-inspired b’day destination is kwan in a million. Grab a shared cocktail or stein of draught beer to complement menu superstars like peking duck spring rolls and crispy pork belly. You know, if you haven’t filled up on all the bao. Which is likely. Happy birthday! We got you a year-long food coma.


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Words by Samantha Chariton