Gluten-Free Baked Goods, Treats & Bakeries In Brisbane

Brisbane's Best Gluten-Free Baked Goods

Gluten-Free Baked Goods

The best things in life are (gluten) free.

Whether you’re coeliac or not, there’s no denying that gluten-free feeds have taken off. And while a world without our beloved grains is one that we aren’t sure we could exist in, sweet wheat free alternatives are so drool-worthy nowadays we often find ourselves opting for them over the floured ones (no, seriously).

Those with a faint stomach certainly don’t have to feel crumby about missing out on brownies or rye over a lack of doughnuts anymore. To make your gluten-free Brisbane life a little easier, we’ve floured the city to find the best gluten-free baked goods and treats.

Gluten Free Donuts | Travelling 

Gluten-free by name and nature, Gluten Free Donuts travel around in a van solving mysteries, and curing your intolerant hunger pangs. Keep an eye out on their website to see which market they’re heading to next, and grab all the flavours of the rainbow from your new fave GF fam. 

Botanica | Red Hill

Botanica’s delish salads are famous across Brisbane, but if you’re new to the sans gluten life then you may not know that Botanica also do gluten-free strawberry cupcakes that are worth skipping lunch for altogether. Their flourless chocolate cookies are also worth a trip, even if you live on the other side of town.

Flour & Chocolate | Morningside

Sometimes, traditional English butter cake and rocky road are all you need make your life complete. Flour & Chocolate’s team of two may just make you forget all about the fact that you can’t enjoy gonut day.

gluten free brisbane i heart brownies
I Heart Brownies | Bowen Hills

Nestled in the depths of Bowen Hills is a brownie paradise. All gluten free, these fudgy, Turkish delight, Jaffa, peanut butter and vegan brownies are some of the tastiest in Brisbane, so you don’t have to settle for second-best just because you’ve got a low grain threshold.

Two Teaspoons | Jindalee

From the gluten-free carrot cake to the flourless salted caramel brownies, Two Teaspoons’ delicious baked goods are single-handedly keeping the coeliacs of the Centenary area from facing morning tea hanger. Stop by for a treat on its own or pair it with a gluten-free sanga from the menu.

Whisky Business | Capalaba

You may have thought the macaron craze was over, but it’s still going strong over in Capalaba, where Whisky Business not only whips up extreme milkshakes and gluten-free pancakes but macarons in flavours like Nutella, butterscotch, latte, Redskin, fig, and caramel. If you can dream it, they’ve got it – and you can eat it!

gluten free brisbane nodo
Nodo Donuts | Various

Word is catching on about these guilt free, gluten free doughnuts, with at least a dozen cafes now stocking the miraculous treats. For us, it’s a matcha made in heaven with their green tea doughnut, but you might want to go hunting for the peanut butter and jelly. Dough-nut let anyone get in your way.

Jocelyn’s Provisions | Fortitude Valley

Need a special cake for a special, albeit hard to bake for, someone? Just put in an order with the bakers at Jocelyn’s Provisions, whose flourless chocolate and raspberry cake is the stuff gluten-free dreams are made off. While you’re there, you can pick up some triple choc brownies for yourself.

The Cupcake Parlour | West End

Forget going to a patisserie with a single token gluten-free cupcake in their lineup as an afterthought, head to The Cupcake Parlour instead, where for once, you won’t be able to decide. Just look for the candy-striped café and go forth and conquer.

Words by Samantha McKendry, Ranyhyn Akui and Nicole Portacha