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G&G goes abroad: Paella in Spain

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The Spanish got it so right when they invented paella. It may have begun as a peasant dish thrown together with whatever was lying around and cooked out in the fields, but we are so glad it was done! Why? Firstly, it’s delicious. Full of fabulous spices and big flavours, every mouthful is like a fiesta for your tastebuds. Secondly, it could quite possibly be the easiest and most social way to feed a crowd. One pan, one delicious talking point, and loads of happy bellies. Finally, it looks amazing with minimal effort. No fussing or fancy knife-work necessary, the vibrant, colourful mixture, vegetables and meat looks scrumptious just bubbling away in its pan. We can attest to this ourselves, having headed out on the coast of Spain for massive group feast of seafood paella. In local authentic Spanish restaurants, the dish is cooked made to order and brought out in all its glory in the enormous pan it was cooked in. Chock full of crab legs, prawns, mussels and fresh vegetables, with tantalising aromas wafting over the table, we were quite literally drooling as our server dished out piles of steaming rice and passed them around our table. Of course, there’s nothing like a beach front restaurant in Spain with the view of the sunset in front of you to give everything a rosy glow of awesomeness, but we’re still certain paella is brilliant no matter where you eat it. So next time you throw a backyard party, forget burgers and snags, put a huge pan of paella on the BBQ instead. Then just stand back, have a drink (of sangria of course), relax with your friends and occasionally stir the colourful, aromatic feast that is your homecooked paella, try this tasty recipe from Keke in a giant paella pan from Wheel & Barrow. Or if you’re sadly lacking in wooden spoon skills (though paella is relatively easy to cook), head along to paella Mondays at Peasant or paella any day of the week at Ole. Take the whole gang and enjoy the feast together with a few shared jugs of sangria for a true cultural experience! Words by Ranyhyn Akui

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