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Get your prawn star on

Nothing gets us excited in summer quite like prawns do, and while our seafood diet is usually more along the lines of we see food and we eat it, this week we’re getting our shrimp on. Whether you find banana prawns most a-peel-ing, or you only have stripes for tiger prawns, these spots are prawn to be wild. District 1 | Fortitude Valley How do you make prawns even better? You wrap them in potato, deep fry them and serve them up with spicy sweet chilli sauce! You certainly won’t find any hunger games going on in this district, unless you count competing to see who gets the last prawn. The Fishery | Milton For the freshest prawns in Brisbane to throw on the BBQ and eat straight from the hot plate, The Fishery is o-fish-ally the best in town. Grab some crispy prawn cutlets or keep it shrimple with freshies and pick up some golden chips wrapped in paper while you’re there. And some scallops. And some fish bites. And don’t forget the tartar sauce! Gambaro | Paddington Gambaro is king (prawn) when it comes to the fruit of the sea. You could split a plate of their roast split king prawns with herby marinade, but personally, we think you should be shellfish and get the linguine marinara to keep all to yourself. Nantucket Kitchen and Bar | Indooroopilly Were you prawn to be a Hamptons socialite? You may have missed your destiny by a few thousand miles, but Nantucket will help you feel like you’re living a ritzy beachside life for a night with their sizzling potted prawns and cool décor. At least until you start downing popcorn shrimp without even stopping to pick up a fork. Verve | CBD Carbs and prawns together in creamy harmony – it’s enough to bring out our inner prawn star. With a hint of spice and lashings of white wine, Verve’s Cajun prawn fettucine is some serious food prawn, and goes all to well with a good drop. Chop Chop Chang’s | West End Be schooled by Chop Chop Chang’s pan-Asian street food menu and tuck into a plate of their whole school prawns, crispy fried to perfection with five spice salt. Be a good student and get two plates. Tastiest lesson ever. Dumpling Republic | CBD TBH, they had us at dumplings, but stuff them with steamed prawns and scallops or chives and you’ve got us hooked. With tempura prawns with chilli mayo on the side of course, because more is always better. NKB Express | Indooroopilly A big bucket of prawns and an ice cold brew? Talk about a prawn-some idea! For those who know what they’re doing when it comes to shelling prawns, NKB Express’s bucket is an easy feast, and best paired with a basket of crispy sweet potato fries. Beccofino | Newstead If there’s one country that’s as equally as obsessed with seafood as us, it’s the Italians. But while we just throw our prawns on the barbie, the geniuses at Beccofino go and put them on a pizza, with loads of garlic, chilli and mozzarella. Next Door Kitchen and Bar | South Bank On a (fish)scale of ‘yum’ to ‘oh my lord this is delicious,’ we think Next Door’s garlic tiger prawns with roasted garlic and potato puree and caramelised citrus are right up there at the top of the range. Plus, they know just what cocktail to pair it with, so you’re definitely in for a good night. There’s no such thing as over-krill when it comes to prawns, but don’t mind us if we still try. Words by Moira Kennedy Image credit: Go Make Me