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Get your dumpling fix at this CBD spot

Everything tastes better wrapped in carbs, right? And if there’s one bite-sized dish that demonstrates this to a t, it’s dumplings – scrumptious, steaming, flavour-filled dumplings. Where do you get these parcels of deliciousness when you’re in the city? Dumpling Republic in the Wintergarden, where hand crafted dumplings are made fresh every day. Of course it’s not just dumplings on the menu here, they also dish up everything from crispy chicken wings and pork belly bao buns to sweet and sour prawns and Mongolian lamb, not to mention soul-satisfying noodles, soups and rice. dumplings brisbane 2 If you’re wandering the city during the week at lunchtime with an empty belly, pop in for one of their lunch specials, which will fill you up for less Monday to Friday from 12-5pm. We could never go past the $12 chef’s basket, with 8 different dumplings to chow down on, but you might prefer to grab a plate of rice or noodles with crispy pork cutlet or lemon chicken and a drink for $18. Got a friend with you? Just share the mate’s special with crispy chicken wings, spring rolls, fried dumplings, calamari and prawn crackers for $24.50 – that’s $12.25 each for anyone who failed math. Still not cheap enough for you? How about $1 dumplings? Yep, every Tuesday night you can get your hands on steamed pork, chicken and leek, pumpkin and ginger (vegos are covered!) and other specialty dumplings for just $1 a pop. Start collecting that spare change! dumplings brisbane 3 Now, it’s no secret that dumpling eating is an art – it takes skill not to tear it with your chopsticks and splatter that rich, steaming broth everywhere, but not burn the roof of your mouth (you’re supposed to bite the top off first guys). But even more of an art? Noodle pulling! Dumpling Republic’s Head Chef puts on a show at special occasions booked at the venue – so if you’ve got a birthday dinner or other celebration coming up, book in for dinner and a show! They’ve even go a special booth for big groups, so don’t be concerned that all your friends won’t fit. So whether you’re in need of a cheap feed or you’re just planning a catch-up dinner and can’t get enough of dumplings, you’ll find Dumpling Republic on Level 1 of the Wintergarden in the CBD, open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner. Words by Ranyhyn Akui Keeping the G&G up to date with all the latest tasty tidbits requires a lot of double lattes and espresso martinis, so we occasionally need to give out some sponsored love. But rest assured that we only work with businesses that we think are really nifty, as the sponsor for this post is!