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Get Warma this winter

Spiced lattés in the morning and spiced wines in the evening: how to tackle a Brisbane ‘winter’ 101. However, when we say spiced wines, we don’t mean just throwing a pinch of cardamom or a cinnamon stick into your wine and calling it a day, we mean an aromatically slow-brewed and heart-warming liquid sanctuary: mulled wine. The only downside to the beautiful concoction is that for a perfect infusion, the process literally takes hours. So when our cravings hit at 5pm, all we want to do is throw our hands up in defeat: ain’t nobody got time for that! mulled wine warma Luckily for us all, local taste sensation, Warma, has created a mulled wine syrup that allows you to whip up a steamy concoction within minutes. All you have to do is warm up your wine, stir the Warma Original syrup in and voilà, you’ve just made yourself a liquid antidote to winter. Made from orange juice and sugar and infused with certified organic spices, your mulled wine brew will be something you’ll dream of even when the cold days and short nights are long gone. Not only good for creating the fragrant broth, Warma can also work wonders in the summer months, on crepes, pancakes, ice cream and fresh fruit. With syrupy goodness this versatile and easy to use, there’s only one thing you’ll be getting this winter, and that’s Warma. Warma Original can be found at Wandering Cooks at their Thank Truck it’s Thursday and Friday Snackdown events, as well as in New Farm Deli, or online. Words by Sarah Nguyen