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Get the scoop at Yum Gelato

If the number of ice cream stores and gelato spots they’re hiding is anything to go by, East Brisbane really, REALLY likes their frozen sweets. But we say you can never have too many options when it comes to dessert, which is why we’re ready to welcome the new Yum Gelato with open mouths. If the name sounds familiar, that’s because Yum Gelato is a Coolum institution of frozen delights, with their move to Brisbane sure to excite the locals who’ve experienced their range before. Their flavours are inventive to say the least and not like anything you’d see in your typical gelataria. We can guarantee you’ll need to try multiple flavours before deciding – so it’s lucky they’re only too willing to let you sample the goods before you choose. Why settle for plain vanilla when you could have pistachio and pandan, peppermint stracciatella, Turkish cherry with coconut, vanilla burnt butter, caramel popcorn or chocolate peanut butter? You can take it up notch with even more extravagant flavours like tropical pavlova, apple pie caramel and the infamous brownie batter, and turn them into an ice cream sandwich before slowly sinking into a deliciously blissful dessert coma. And fear not sorbet-savourers, as their mango passionfruit, watermelon wildberry and cacao choc all have your name on it. But wait, there’s more! In brilliantly balanced fashion, they have also catered for the #fitfoodies with their acai, pitaya, mixed berry, mango maca and banana cacao bowls made on coconut water with additions including granola, peanut butter, super greens and chia seeds (so you can definitely forgive yourself for getting two scoops of their amazing gelato afterwards!). Not so healthy? Plan to have one of their epic gelato cakes at your next celebration – or even just for the sake of it! Yum Gelato is a welcome addition to Lytton Road and a dessert destination that’s sure to entice the health-conscious just as much as the dessert-devout! Words by Kat Gridley