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Get the lowdown on Brisbane’s best loaded fries

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Loaded fries, dirty fries, chilli fries, poutine, call them what you want, everyone will agree that dirty fries are the best thing since sliced potato. If you’re not on the gravy boat, you’ve got a lot to ketchup on. Smothered over deep fried potato in every shape, length and form, the options of toppings are as limitless as they are delicious. But with all of this diversity, how are you to choose which bowl you’ll shove your face into first? Don’t worry small fries, we’ve got you covered. Getta Burger | Carina Getta Burger’s filthy fries are so saucily good they’re known by reputation only. Though not always on the menu, the fries are tossed with house BBQ sauce, pulled pork, pulled beef and topped with melted cheese. Totally worth your subsequent trip to the Emergency Room. Gypsies Wagon | Gaythorne Gypsies chilli cheese fries are not for the faint of appetite! With home grown chilli featuring heavily in a beefy sauce smothered over beer battered chips and topped with a generous sprinkle of provolone cheese, you might want to get a side of milk to cool your flaming tongue after this pile of deliciousness. Yard Bird Alehouse | Fortitude Valley With thin, shoestring fries to maximise your chip to topping ratio, you can scoop up chilli con carne, Mexican cheese and jalapeños to your heart’s content. You’d better grab some extra napkins, because these chilli cheese fries are also drenched in southwest sauce. Newstead Brewing Co. | Newstead The ultimate of ultimate drinking foods to go with Newstead Brewing Co’s brews is their loaded fries, topped with pulled pork chilli and plenty of cheese. And some greens, because you know, health and stuff. Red Hook | CBD Bored with regular chilli? Try slow cooked beef brisket atop your chilli fries at Red Hook instead! If you’re not quite that hungry (or just saving room for mac ‘n’ cheese), just get them loaded with gooey melted cheese and bacon instead. At Sixes & Sevens | Newstead Oh Canada, thank you for sharing your country’s speciality: poutine. These deliciously salted fries swim in a paddle pool of smooth gravy and melted cheese. Sticky and satisfying. If these saucy, saucy chips don’t sound like your idea of a good root, you’ve got fries for brain. Potatoes gonna potate. Words by Rebecca Grady