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Get some paleo pork on your fork

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Sow, you want to know where to hunt for the best paleo pork in Brisbane? Life would be a boar without pork, so don’t worry, we won’t hog these porky primal eats all to ourselves. If there’s one thing our paleo foodie friends know how to do, it’s make one mean, lean pork dish, from crispy pork belly to melt in your mouth pulled pork. Get some pork on your fork! Asana Restaurant and Bar | Albert St Or on your chopsticks, because the newly opened Asana headed by passionate paleo ambassador Pete Evans, has brewed up one tasty ramen dish. We hope your days of $2 packet ramen are gone, and a much brighter ramen future is ahead of you, starting with the pork belly, egg, native greens and paleo ‘noodles’ at this city spot! Primal Pantry | Teneriffe, Nundah, Toowoomba If you want a mean paleo pork feed, then you have to delve into the paleo foodie’s natural habitat. Primal Pantry is one of Brisbane’s most well-known paleo restaurants, and with a menu loaded with paleo pork fare it’s easy to see why. For breakfast, wrap your hands around a sticky pork breakfast burrito, then dig your fork into a crab blini with crispy pork belly for lunch. paleo food brisbane 2 Paleo Café | Paddington, Bulimba, North Lakes On the hunt for some paleo pulled pork ? Then stop what you’re doing and trot on down to Paleo Café. A pulled pork and tomato hot pot is on the breakfast menu for the early rising cavepeople, while late sleepers can hunt down a smoky pulled pork dish served with raw kale slaw and sweet potato chips for lunch. Caveman Kitchen | Delivered to your door If you’re tired of hunting, set down your spear and let the hunters and gathers at Caveman Kitchen deliver the paleo eats straight to your door. This meal subscription service offers an extensive menu of pre-prepared paleo meals and is full of drool-worthy pork dishes. Sink your teeth into a pork fajita bowl, a few pork spare ribs or wicked good pulled pork, made with their secret paleo BBQ sauce recipe. #Noexcuses. Wholesomeness | The Grange Perfect for both the lazy and the active, Wholesomeness deliver tasty, paleo inspired eats to your door and serve them up at their suburban cafe. Thai pork meatballs curry has caught our keen caveman’s eye for our next dinner delivery, but head in for a weekend breakfast and you might just find pulled pork and potato rosti on the menu! What are you waiting for? Get hunting and spear some paleo pork on your fork. Words by Caitlin Adamson