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Get s’more of this chocolate laden beer in you!

Buckle up, beer lovers – a new player has entered the game. The beer engineers from Four Hearts Brewing Company have whipped up a brand new concoction, playfully christened S’more Than a Feeling. That’s right, folks: a s’mores beer. Say goodbye to the carrot beer that once turned so many heads, ‘cause this year’s Great Australian Beer Spectacular features a brew for the sweet-toothed. If you’re not familiar with s’mores, the American campfire snack is a glorious amalgamation of biscuit, marshmallow, and gooey melted chocolate (seriously, why are we wasting our time with damper?). Umm, yes please! The 9.2% beer is brewed with the addition of no less than 4kgs of cocoa, 6 kgs marshmallows, 5kgs of biscuit and has a chocolatey finish that is absolutely begging to be taste-tested. If you’re looking for a ‘mallow (pun intended) post-work drinks sesh, make sure you hop in quick! 1000 litres of this special edition brew were produced for this year’s GABS Festival, with kegs shipped to Newstead Brewing Co, Brisbane Brewing Co, and The Scratch. And of course, you’ll find it on tap at Pumpyard Bar & Brewery where it was created! Words by Samantha Chariton