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Get paleo meals delivered to your door!

If you’re anything like us, you start the week with the best intentions for your diet, but by midweek, life gets in the way and your diet turns more faileo than paleo. Well, put down your hunting and gathering tools and reclaim your Sundays from hours of healthy food preparation with the help of pre-prepared healthy meal delivery from Caveman Kitchen. A brilliant initiative from Dave and Abbey, a regular suburban couple, the healthy meal delivery in Brisbane service was their way of helping others spend less time cooking and more time eating (which we’re always a fan of, obviously). And they’ve succeeded, providing nourishing and delicious meals with a touch of convenience Brisbane wide. This paleo pair realised that a health focused but still drool-worthy diet takes a lot more time and effort than life sometimes allows, so have created paleo-friendly, refined sugar-free and non-processed meals without compromising on flavour that they deliver to your doorstep. You can choose as many meals as your diary needs for the week, in standard, large or athlete portion sizes depending on your usual level caveman hanger. The best bit? You get to choose which of their large selection of meals packed full of deliciousness you devour throughout the week. Tuck into a primal portion of saucy BBQ pork ribs, a meatzzaaaa (super meaty pizza party), paleo pumpkin lasagne or our personal favourite, a massive serving of lamb moussaka. You won’t believe it’s not butter. Or cheese, or gluten, or any of that other stuff you shouldn’t be eating, just plenty of enticing goodies that will woo you away from hot chips. Best of all, the Caveman Kitchen is now dishing up breakfasts too, so instead of facing another dull bowl of quinoa porridge, you can feast your mornings on al day big breakfasts, eggs benedict with free range ham and roast chilli with bacon frittatas. So there’ll be no more getting hangry and hitting the snack cabinet at 10am! With over 40 meals on the everchanging menu, you’re bound to find a dish that gets you excited for a healthy dinner. Unlike the trouble our former ancestors had to go through, and thanks to Caveman Kitchen, all the hard work is done for you. It’s a total no grainer. Head to the Caveman Kitchen website for more details and to order your healthy meals, delivered to your door! Words by Lucille Burkitt