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Ditch the kitchen and get onto EatClub


Forgive us, foodies, for we have sinned.

After a long day of staring at a computer, it can sometimes be difficult to muster the emotional and mental energy to assemble a delicious and nutritious meal, so hunger pangs are met with some downright deplorable last resorts from Team G&G.

There are the basics: a spoon (or three) of peanut butter, a “family-sized” pack of popcorn, and fruit for dinner (mum would be proud).

Slightly better, but still something you’d lie about are the last-ditch meals with a degree of assembly: plain pasta, Vegemite sandwiches, fried eggs (no time for scrambling here!), and, for the daring, suspiciously old leftovers.

Lastly, there are the all-out tactical responses to zero dinner options: ordering delivery and pretending there are more guests than just your cat around the dining table, and happening to drop by family and friends close to dinner time… “Are you just about to eat? I didn’t realise the time!”

Times are a-changing, though, thanks to the live restaurant deals app, EatClub! Designed to help venues quickly fill their empty tables, the world-first app has arrived in Brisbane after gaining huge popularity down south. EatClub offers dine-in incentives in the form of discounts from 20 to 50% at some of the city’s top restaurants – so now we can enjoy the luxury of dining out on the reg!

As well as helping lazy foodies to uncover great dining-out deals, EatClub enables restaurants to immediately advertise their empty tables during quieter times; when you’re enjoying a great, discounted meal discovered on EatClub, you’re helping the restaurant too!

To continue their launch celebrations in Brisbane, EatClub is giving away 200 burgers to new users this Thursday, October 18, at Brew Cafe & Wine Bar. Redeeming offers on EatClub is as simple as browsing deals on the app’s map, selecting and redeeming your favourite, and heading in store to enjoy!

If you’re ready to leave the soggy sandwiches and instant noodles in the past, download EatClub and get dining today!


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Words by Georgia Condon
- the gourmet who shamelessly enjoys Vegemite toast.