Get keen for Miss Demeanour, Brisbane’s newest underground bar! | The Gourmand & Gourmet

Get keen for Miss Demeanour, Brisbane’s newest underground bar!

Have all your drinks lined up in the Rowes building thanks to the addition of a new debonair bar.

Face facts, foodies! BrisVegas is in definite need of some extra sass, and taking a wisecrack at it (besides us, of course) is the stunning Miss Demeanour, an elegant three-part venue opening underneath Rowes Building on Wednesday, September 18.

Just like our favourite astrological sign (Gemini, can’t you tell?), Miss Demeanour wears two faces, doubling as a sophisticated specialty café in the day before turning into a devilishly good bar and restaurant at night.

On evenings, be sure to (horo)scope out their lunch and dinner menu, which sports dishes that are both naughty and nice. Those on a health kick will adore the charred broccolini, almond, and coconut salad while burger lovers can’t go past the fried chicken burger, filled with chili jam, pineapple chutney, sharp cheddar, tomato and rocket.

As for mornings, saunter on past the brick façade to discover the breakfast café menu waiting inside. Alongside modern Australian delights like eggs Benny, Miss Demeanour also boasts a mean whey and banana pancake dish topped with whipped local honey and wildflower bee pollen, as well as a unique wild mushroom bagel stacked with tofu, pickled ginger, and shiso.

Miss Demeanour will have you licking your lips with their delicious specialty cocktail menu. Put on your best tails come night-time, and sit by the bar to enjoy old-fashioned cherry cokes, rhubarb Collins, and a fantastic lavender and peppered pisco fizz.

The dapper drinks don’t stop there, with Miss Demeanour also set to stock a range of craft beers, including Balter XPA, Sailors Grave Lemon Meringue Cream Sour, and Stone & Wood Pacific Ale.

Whether you’re an astro-goddess or nah, Miss Demeanour is definitely a star to keep tabs on when it opens on September 18.

Words by Jacqueline Pon
- the zodiac-obsessed gourmand who sees Miss D as a sign to get boozy.