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Get festive with Brisbane’s gingerbread dishes

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Brisbane’s gingerbread Dishes

Growing up ginger was, unsurprisingly, somewhat of a struggle.

From literally living in the shadows to developing freckles while indoors and being several shades lighter than sand (spot the ginger: beach edition), we experienced it all. While we can’t go outside (period), we do get a certain kick whenever Christmas rolls around and all the creatives of the world exclaim, “gingerbread – it’s you”. Yes! We are the gingerbread of the food world, and darn proud of it, too.

If you’re looking to get your festive fix of gingerbread in any shape or form, let us light the way (with our blindingly white skin).

Gingerbread House | Vanilla Pod

Let’s get this list started with a classic Chrissie fave. Unlike the DIY gingerbread houses from Kmart, these babies are chewable, not prone to disaster, and are absolutely gosh dang delicious. Standing at 10 inches high and pimped out with some of the finest lollies around, you’ll be proud to bring this to your next festive shin-dig. Besides, you made it yourself, right?

Gingerbread Pancakes | Huskk

That’s right, nothing is sacred from the mouth-watering wrath of gingerbread. Huskk knows that breakfast shouldn’t be excluded from the Christmas spirit, offering gingerbread pancakes on their all-day menu complete with whey butterscotch sauce and bunya nut crumble.

Vanilla Gingerbread Cream | Nitrogenie 

We may not get to experience a cold Christmas, but Nitrogenie’s more than making up for the heat with a new addition to their gelato menu; the Vanilla Gingerbread Cream! Created from a full cream vanilla bean dairy crème anglaise, folded with crumbles of real gingerbread and topped with a mini gingerbread man and a sprinkle of nutmeg, this is the perfect holiday treat. 

Gingerbread Eggnog Tart | Botanist Kitchen and Bar

Combining two of the all-time Christmas classics is Brisbane Airport’s Botanist Kitchen and Bar, with the perfect treat for a pre-flight or post-arrival dessert. With a gingerbread base and a creamy eggnog filling, this tart is an absolute showstopper.

Christmas Star Doughnut | Nodo

Spice up your December with a few of Nodo’s Christmas specials! These golden pumpkin doughnuts are topped with chai spiced white chocolate and a gingerbread star, and are also gluten free! You can order a few of your own here.

Ginger Biscuits | Jocelyn’s Provisions

Enjoy a few bite-sized gingerbread treats from the dessert legend Jocelyn’s Provisions. With the option of soft ginger stars or gingerbread trees, these are perfect additions to Christmas stockings, hampers, or sole consumption while binging questionable Christmas flicks.

These gingerbread eats do have soul.

Words by Sophia Lunn
- the ginger gourmand.