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Get down to Surfers Paradise for Asian street food, Chop Chop!

Thirteen is your new lucky number.

For those looking to tick more delicious boxes off their Asian-cuisine checklist (beyond the bounds of sushi), or those who frequently pho with the likes of ramen and Korean pancakes, Surfers Paradise has an indoor Asian street food market hidden in plain sight and ready for your pumped self to burst through the doors, purse first.

Brush up on your chopstick skills and make tracks for Chop Chop, a space decorated to the days with faux cherry blossoms, hanging lanterns and neon lights, with thirteen independent eateries specialising in everything from dumplings to bubble tea.

If you can’t leave your house without looking at the menu and deciding exactly what you want to eat before you get there *raises hand* read on for our wrap-up of Chop Chop’s best bites and brews.

Ace Thai

Thai and stop us (you won’t). Ace Thai has every authentic Thai dish nailed and locked down, meaning your next bowl of pad Thai or panang curry is catered for (and there’s always room for a cheeky spot of mango and sticky rice).

Bali in Paradise

Bali in Paradise could be one of two things – Bali outside of schoolies season, or Chop Chop’s ode to Balinese flavours in all forms. Confidently order a plate of Bali’s signature fall-off-the-bone grilled beef ribs, or crispy duck with rice, chilli sauce and salads.

Dumpling Mama

It’s all in the name. Dumpling Mama creates the mother of all dumplings, whether they’re fried, deep fried, or boiled. While you’re waiting for your little pillows of perfection to reach the table, start with spring rolls. It’s only right.

Fragrance of India

Get it India — we are of course talking about butter chicken. Fragrance of India cooks up one of the butteriest boys around, with naan that deserves a clap as it hits the plate. Do yourself a favour and turn up for this combo.

Fruit Bang

First a bite, then a bang. If you’re after fresh juice, layered crushes and mocktails, Fruit Bang’s your guy. The ultimate combo? Watermelon, mango, strawberry and passionfruit. The bravest combo? Watermelon and milk (is this the watermelon Beyoncé was drankin’?).

Korean Kitchen

Meat and wine. What more could you want? Korean Kitchen brings the theatre to dinner with a BBQ grill built into each table. Watch the magic happen as a range of meats, seafood and vegetables are cooked up right before your eyes, or opt for other favourites including Korean pancakes, dumplings and bibimbap. Did we say wine? Hell yeah we did! Korean Kitchen has everything from wine to beer, with soft drinks for the blessed designated driver. Thank you, friend.

Potato Madness

Like fries? Have all the fries in the world! Potato Madness have curly, waffle, and shoestring cut fries, which you can top with either cheese, BBQ, sour cream or chilli flavouring (or go in raw, like a real potato enthusiast). Make a combo out of it with house lemon iced tea and you won’t be mad about it.

Ramen Danbo

In the name of the father, the son, and the holy noodle — (r)amen. Ramen Danbo have been around for yonks, and these guys know how to serve authenticity in one delicious package. Go for classic ramen with tonkotsu pork broth, or mix things up by trying vegetarian miso ramen. It’s all souper.

Rice vs Noodle

Who would win? We reckon it’d be a fair fight between chicken teriyaki noods and vegetarian fried rice… but we’ll let you do the deciding (also, spring roll gyozas!!!).


They’ll share their tea with you, but you sure as hell won’t be sharing it with anyone else. Savour the flavours of your favourite bubble tea, and double up on that boba!

Sky Yum Cha

With fresh oyster sauce made daily and views of the outside world, Sky Yum Cha’s the limit. Traditional yum cha fare will excite your tastebuds, as you and your human buds tackle everything from wontons to dumplings in share style dining with enough for everyone.

Sushi Ave

If you can’t look past a good plate of sush, this is right up your avenue. Head to Sushi Ave for rolls of chicken and avo, veggie tempura, salmon, and virtually every known epic creation that you know and love.

Yum Cha Noodle Haus

Where do we even start? A few Yum Cha Noodle Haus musts include roast duck, stir fried king prawn and salmon with XO sauce and beef brisket hot pot, but the menu truly is your oyster. Shuck it well.

Go on now, off you chop.

Words by Nicole Portacha
- the gourmand diagnosed with a serious case of potato madness