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Get baked at Wintergarden

Brisbane, there’s a serious spud muffin on the scene. Let’s face it, the only benefit of Mum telling you to ‘eat your veggies’ was when you could load up that baked potato with lashings of sour cream and a tower of bacon. #cleaneating If you’re on the hunt for lunch, keep your eyes peeled for Spudbar, Wintergarden’s dedicated baked potato spot. Yes, we’re serious, and no, we can’t claim responsibility if you’re already drooling on your screen. Trust us, with over ten variations now on the menu, these fluffy loaded spuds will have you vegging out for days (food coma, come at us). Set in the Wintergarden food court, Spudbar is the perfect, central spot for corporates looking to chip away at hunger. Wander over for crispy, baked-to-perfection spuds loaded in toppings that’ll put Mum’s roast to shame. From juicy pulled beef in peppercorn sauce to melted garlic butter and cheese, eating your veggies never looked better. Explore new spud offerings like their roast lamb and sour cream topping, or stick to classics like the American-styled pulled pork spud. Spudbar Wintergarden Better yet? There’s no need to mash the oven timer for an hour: these badboys are fast-tracked right to your plate. And 100% gluten free! Once you’ve loaded up on those potatoes (notice the plural), check out Spudbar’s selection of salads. Perfect for the carb-free friend or takeaway lunch, these bowlfuls are packed with flavours like beetroot, feta, roast pumpkin, and avo, and offer the option to add free-range chicken. From shopping snacks and sneaky lunch escapes to in-office orders the whole company will go ga-ga for, this is one Wintergarden spot you’ll want to hit up. Find Spudbar on the lower ground level of the Wintergarden in the CBD, open 7 days a week.   Words by Samantha Chariton Keeping the G&G up to date with all the latest tasty tidbits requires a lot of double lattes and espresso martinis, so we occasionally need to give out some sponsored love. But rest assured that we only work with businesses that we think are really nifty, as the sponsor for this post is!