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Gelato Messina Finally Hits Brisbane

Brisbane! Mark the 29th March on your cowlendar and clear you dairys, because this week Gelato Messina finally comes to a Brisbane suburb near you (South Brisbane actually, very close to our office, we’ve bought a whole new wardrobe two sizes up in preparation – #commitment). For some time now we’ve had mass Messina gela-ousy of city slickers Sydney and Melbourne for having the life affirming scoops of gelato goodness at their fingertips. But now, that’s right, you can scoop up your very own dairy-lightful serving of Messina in their shiny Melbourne Street store. And, not only does Brisbane join the big leagues in the gelato game but Queensland scores its very own flavour. Visit Gelato Messina from next Wednesday at 5pm and wrap your fists around a serve of the QUEENSLANDAARRR!!!! (aptly named – we do get pretty overexcited with the ARRR bit…) – a mix of ginger gelato with pineapple cake and Bundy Rum caramel. Ready to test your gelato capacity and the strength of your pants button? Yeah you are. Words by Lucille Burkitt