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Gelato cookie dough cupcakes have arrived in Brissy

Can’t decide between noshing on chocolate, grazing decadent gelato, or munching good ol’ cookie dough? Well, no need to sweat the sweet stuff anymore, as Ciao Gelato has combined all three for you!

Jumping on the delicious edible cookie dough bandwagon, Ciao Gelato’s scrumptious take on this trend comes in cupcake form: layers syrupy dough on top of a gelato base, and sealed on top with a generous spread of white or dark chocolate (the choice of which coating is yours, my friends!).

It’s safe to say that this newest addition to the cupcake game has left us head over heels in love, and Ciao Gelato has some suave flavours to share.

Ciao Gelato cupcakes

For those who love all things creamy with a dash of buttery goodness on the side, be sure to hit up the butterscotch or vanilla flavoured gelato – which comes with a generous milk chocolate coating. If your tummy continuously gurgles for sweet treats, but your mind is saying animal-product free, then you’ve come to the right place!

Ciao Gelato is famous for super yummy vegan-friendly options. Try the chocolate sorbet layered with peanut butter and topped with a dark chocolate glaze. Or go coco-loco for the coconut sorbet drizzled with dark chocolate! Ciao Gelato cupcakes vegan friendly

We seriously can’t get enough of Ciao Gelato; just one glimpse at their Instagram page has us drooling on the daily.

To experience gelato cookie dough cupcake creations yourself, head up to Nundah and treat yo’self before they sell out! 

Words by Jacqueline Pon