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Full Steam(punk) ahead | Steampunk Surfers Paradise

Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya, (steam) punk? You absolutely should, because the nation’s first authentic Steampunk-themed venue, Steampunk Surfers Paradise, is going full steam ahead, with doors set to open on Friday, April 7. If you don’t know what steampunk is, we’ll save you from the effort of a cheeky Google search and quickly fill you in on this science-fiction subgenre inspired by the Victorian era, focusing on retro steam-powered gadgets with a modern twist. Think Queen Victoria mixed with Inspector Gadget (crossed with FOOD which is our fave bit, obviously). Steampunk owner, Grant Rodgers, will give life to the subgenre by decking out his venue with functional industrial inspired gadgets, furniture and overall design, and of course, he assures that the food and the cocktails will be nothing less than outlandish and exceptional. We tip our hat to you, sir! The exact menu items are yet to be revealed, and unfortunately we don’t have any steam-powered menu extracting devices. Buuuuut we do know that the food will be authentic pub-style goodness, and the cocktails are rumoured to serve not only excellent spirits, but also unique and peculiar drinking experiences. Who doesn’t love a surprise anyway? (Especially when you know it’s a good surprise). Opening day is about to pull up to the station so prepare your corsets and top hats and get ready for a dining experience that’s out of this world! Words by Nicole Portacha