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Fries to put before guys

Fries: the side dish, the main meal and the snack that has fixed to our hearts (and our arteries) and refused to leave. They’ve settled in happily like a live-in boyfriend, and our relationship with these deep fried slices of heaven has never been shaken. Sure, we’ve tested the waters with wedges and the glamorous waffle fries, but they’ve always stayed in our hearts. Can you say #relationshipgoals? Now, we’ve got a list of the best fries in Brisbane so you can continue your crispy and tasty love affair.
Bird’s Nest | Fortitude Valley and West End
There are two words that when put together cause hysterical, yet joyful screaming, stampedes and a hunger that cannot be filled – ‘bottomless fries’. Bird’s Nest offers unlimited deliciously spicy paprika fries between 5:30-6:30pm every day of the week so you can spice up your Monday (and Tuesday, and Wednesday, and Thursday).
Corbett and Claude | CBD
One bite of these crunchy fries coated in parmesan with chipotle aioli and you won’t be able to stop until you’ve eaten every one – and then scooped up the leftover parmesan (you know you can’t resist it).
The Yiros Shop | CBD, South Brisbane, Cannon Hill, Fortitude Valley
Only a few weeks left until summer? Time for some exercise? Oh damn, we thought you said extra fries! And extra fries we did get when we found out about the beautiful combo of fries and feta at The Yiros Shop.
For The Pickles | CBD
Don’t be a couch potato! Go for a run, and by run we mean run after food truck For The Pickle who have made the wise (and delicious) decision ditch the peeler and leave the potato skin on their fries. It results in a tasty crispy outside, and a soft inside. They’re just too a-peel-ing to pass up.
Botero | CBD
Turn Friday into Fry Day with Botero’s deliciously crispy and fresh fries that will leave your mouth on the floor (but only for a few seconds – five second rule, right?). The CBD café’s slices of potatoey perfection are the most experienced partners in crime for their southern fried chicken or their pulled pork salad, except the only robbery going on here will be the robbery of our dignity as we shovel them into our mouths.
Next Door | South Bank
Finally! Parmesan isn’t just for pasta anymore. It’s worked hard, studied hard, and now it’s graduated to the most loved carb – the fry. Next Door offers the traditional fries sprinkled (or completely submerged) in parmesan. Let’s get cheesy! If your significant other doesn’t want to come, say ‘later’ because everyone knows fries come before guys. Words by Kate Stevens Image by Judit Losh